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五月份 第 16 課

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  • (2013-05-22) ------

  • North Korea's Kim Sends Envoy to China
  • 金正恩派特使去中國
  •   North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has sent a senior military official as a special envoy to China, at a time of strained relations between the two traditional allies.
  • 朝鮮領導人金正恩派遣一名高層軍方官員作為特使前往中國,目前這兩個傳統盟友之間的關係處於緊張狀態。

  •   The official Korean Central News Agency said Choe Ryong Hae, the director of the General Political Bureau of the North Korean army, left Pyongyang for China Wednesday along with a government delegation. No details about the purpose of the trip were given.
  • 朝鮮官方的朝中社說,朝鮮人民軍總政治局局長崔龍海星期三率領一個政府代表團離開平壤前往中國;朝中社的報導沒有透露有關這次訪問目的的任何細節。

  •   Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Hong Lei said Beijing plans to discuss the situation on the Korean peninsula and "issues of common concern" with Choe.
  • 中國外交部發言人洪磊說, 北京將跟崔龍海討論朝鮮半島的局勢以及其他 “共同關注” 的問題。

  •   It is believed to be one of the highest-level delegations North Korea has sent to Beijing since Mr. Kim took over leadership of the country following the death of his father in late 2011.
  • 自金正恩在他父親 2011 年去世後接掌領導權以來,據信這是朝鮮派往北京的最高級別代表團之一。

  •   China has long been North Korea's main ally and primary economic lifeline. But there are signs that the new leadership in Beijing is growing impatient with the North.
  • 中國長期以來一直是朝鮮的主要盟友和經濟支柱;但有跡象顯示,北京新領導層對朝鮮漸漸失去耐心。


  • (2013-05-22) ------

  • US Homeland Security Secretary to Survey Tornado Response
  • 美國國土安全部長將赴龍捲風災區視察
  •   U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano travels to Oklahoma on Wednesday to assess recovery efforts in the city of Moore, where a devastating tornado killed at least 24 people and injured 240 others.
  • 美國國土安全部長納波利塔諾星期三將前往俄克拉荷馬州,對穆爾鎮的恢復工作進行評估;一場毀滅性的龍捲風在穆爾鎮至少導致 24 人死亡,240 人受傷。

  •   Napolitano's department includes the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which has teams helping with search and recovery operations, damage assessments and providing federal aid to people affected by Monday's tornado.
  • 國土安全部的下屬機構聯邦緊急事務管理局派出工作隊,協助搜尋、恢復和評估等工作,並為受到星期一龍捲風影響的人們提供聯邦救援。

  •   The storm destroyed large parts of the central U.S. city with what weather officials say were winds of at least 322 kilometers per hour.
  • 這場龍捲風摧毀了美國中部這座城鎮的大部份地區,氣象機構官員說,龍捲風的風速至少達到每小時 322 公里。

  •   The town's fire chief says emergency workers will not stop searching for survivors and plan to go through the rubble of each building at least three times.
  • 穆爾鎮的消防隊長說,緊急救援人員不會停止搜救倖存者的行動,計劃在每座建築的廢墟中至少搜尋 3 遍。

  •   President Barack Obama has declared a major disaster in Oklahoma.
  • 歐巴馬總統宣佈俄克拉荷馬州的風災為重大災害。

  •   He says the people of Moore are not standing alone, as they recover and rebuild.
  • 他說,穆爾居民在恢復與重建過程中不是孤立無援的。

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