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十一月份 第 10 課

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  • (2010-11-12)------

  • Trade, Currency To Dominate APEC Summit
  • 貿易及貨幣問題主導亞太經合組織峰會
  •   U.S. President Barack Obama and other leaders are in Japan for the two-day Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit.
  • 美國總統歐巴馬和其他國家領導人聚集日本,參加為期兩天的亞太經合組織峰會。

  •   They are meeting in the port city of Yokohama on the heels of the G20 summit in Seoul, where trade imbalances and currency strains dominated discussions.
  • 各方領導人在首爾舉行的 20 國峰會結束後,移師日本海濱城市橫濱;貿易失衡和貨幣緊張關係是 20 國峰會的主要議題。

  •   Those issues are also expected to top the agenda at the APEC summit.
  • 預計這些問題也將成為亞太經合組織峰會的首要議題。

  •   In Yokohama, Mr. Obama will push for a regional free trade agreement.
  • 歐巴馬在橫濱將推動一項自由貿易區協議。

  •   The Trans-Pacific Partnership would cut import tariffs for nine countries, including Australia and Japan.
  • “跨太平洋夥伴關係”將使九個國家減少進口關稅,其中包括澳大利亞和日本。

  •   Washington hopes such a partnership would lead to the larger goal of free trade among all 21 APEC countries.
  • 華盛頓希望這樣一個夥伴關係可以最終實現亞太經合組織全部 21 個成員國間自由貿易這個更遠大的目標。

  •   Earlier, in Seoul, Mr. Obama said China's currency, the yuan, continues to be undervalued, hurting the U.S. and other trading partners.
  • 早些時候,歐巴馬在首爾說,中國人民幣匯率一直被壓低,這對美國和其他貿易夥伴造成了傷害。

  •   He said it is important for Beijing in a gradual fashion to let markets set the currency's value.
  • 他說,北京逐漸允許市場決定人民幣幣值是非常重要的。

  •   A G20 summit communiqu_ Friday said it was agreed to refrain from "competitive devaluation" of currencies and move towards market-determined exchange rates.
  • 星期五發佈的 20 國峰會公報說,各方一致同意要自我克制,不搞“競爭性貨幣貶值”,而由市場決定匯率。


  • (2010-11-12)------

  • Burma May Soon Release Democracy Advocate Aung San Suu Kyi
  • 緬甸可能很快釋放民主人士翁山蘇姬
  •   Burma's military rulers appear to be on the verge of releasing pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi from house arrest, after detaining her for most of the past two decades.
  • 緬甸軍政府領導人似乎即將釋放被軟禁的民主運動領導人翁山蘇姬;在過去二十年的大部分時間裏,翁山蘇姬一直被軟禁。

  •   On Friday, a day ahead of her scheduled release, government officials told the French news agency her release was a certainty, although no time was mentioned.
  • 星期五,在計劃釋放翁山蘇姬的前一天,緬甸政府官員告訴法新社說,翁山蘇姬肯定會被釋放,但是官員沒有提及釋放的具體時間。

  •   And Tin Oo, vice chairman of her banned National League for Democracy party, said his sources told him her release order has been signed.
  • 翁山蘇姬所在的被禁黨派“全國民主聯盟”副主席丁吳說,他的消息來源說,釋放翁山蘇姬的命令已經簽署。

  •   Authorities increased security in Rangoon as supporters gathered near her lakeside home and at the party's headquarters.
  • 翁山蘇姬的支援者聚集在她位於河畔的家附近以及全國民主聯盟總部。當局加強了仰光的安全戒備。

  •   A Saturday release would be six days after Burma's first election in two decades.
  • 星期六是緬甸舉行二十年來首次大選後的第六天。

  •   The military's political party already has claimed a majority of seats in both houses of Parliament, in voting that Western leaders and human rights activists say was fraudulent and aimed at ensuring continued military rule with a civilian face.
  • 軍方政黨已經聲稱獲得了議會兩院中的大部分席位;西方領導人和人權活動人士說,這次選舉存在舞弊行為,目的是讓軍人統治蒙上平民統治的假像。

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