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五月份 第 02 課

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  • (2013-05-02) ------

  • Activists: Pro-Syria Troops Advance in Key Homs Neighborhood
  • 敘利亞活動人士稱支持政府的部隊進攻戰略要地
  •   Syrian activists say forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad are pushing to gain control in a strategically important section of the central city of Homs.
  • 敘利亞活動人士說,忠於總統阿薩德的部隊正在進攻奪取中部城市霍姆斯的一個戰略要地。

  •   The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Thursday the troops have taken over a large part of the Wadi al-Sayeh neighborhood, which sits between several rebel-controlled districts in center of the city.
  • 設在英國的敘利亞人權瞭望台星期四說,政府軍已經攻占瓦迪阿爾薩耶居民區的一大部份;在市中心的這個居民區四周連接若干反政府武裝控制的地區。

  •   The Observatory warned that if pro-Assad forces capture what it calls the city's "old neighborhoods," then there are fears that sectarian killings could follow.
  • 人權瞭望台警告說,一旦忠於總統阿薩德的政府軍全部攻佔他們所說的這個城市 “老區”,那就擔心可能會發生派別之間的殺戮。

  •   Homs is Syria's third-largest city, located along a highway about halfway between the capital, Damascus, to the south and the commercial center of Aleppo to the north.
  • 霍姆斯是敘利亞第三大城市,扼守著位於南方的首都大馬士革和北方商業城市阿勒頗之間的公路,是咽喉要道。

  •   It has been a key hub in the more than two-year-old uprising against Mr. Assad.
  • 在兩年多以來的反抗阿薩德的戰鬥中,這個城市也是反政府軍的重要戰略據點。


  • (2013-05-02) ------

  • N.Korea Sentences American to 15 Years Hard Labor
  • 朝鮮判處一名韓裔美國人 15 年勞役徒刑
  •   North Korea says it has sentenced an American citizen to 15 years of hard labor after finding him guilty of committing what it says are "hostile acts" against the state.
  • 朝鮮說,一名美國公民被判處 15 年強迫勞動;此前這名美國人被認定犯下對朝鮮的 “敵對行動” 罪名。

  •   The official Korean Central News Agency said Thursday that Pae Jun-ho, known as Kenneth Bae in the United States, was convicted by the country's supreme court Tuesday.
  • 朝鮮官方 “朝中社” 星期四說, 韓裔美國人裴俊皓 (英文名:肯尼斯‧裴) 星期二被朝鮮最高法院裁定有罪。

  •   North Korea previously said he confessed to committing crimes aimed at overthrowing the government. But it has not specified the exact nature of those alleged crimes.
  • 此前朝鮮表示,裴係皓承認犯下了目的要推翻朝鮮政府的罪行,但是卻沒有詳細說明那些所謂罪名的確切性質。

  •   The 44-year-old was arrested in November in the northeastern port city of Rason, which lies in a special economic zone near the border with Russia and China.
  • 44 歲的裴俊皓去年 11 月在朝鮮東北部的港口城市羅先被捕;羅先是位於中俄邊境附近的一個特別經濟區。

  •   VOA has learned that Bae was a Korean-American tour operator who may have been arrested after being found with a computer that carried sensitive or controversial information.
  • 美國之音獲悉,韓裔美國人裴俊皓是一家旅行社的代表,他可能因為攜帶的電腦裡有敏感或引起爭議的信息被捕。

  •   Earlier this week, the U.S. State Department called for North Korea to release Bae on humanitarian grounds, saying the welfare of American citizens is a "critical and top priority."
  • 本星期早些時候,美國國務院呼籲朝鮮出於人道主義釋放裴俊皓;國務院說,美國公民的福祉是 “關鍵的和當務之急的”。

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