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十月份 第 05 課

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  • (2007-10-05)------

  • UNHCR Expresses Concern About New Visa Requirements By Syria
  • 聯合國難民署關注敘利亞新簽證規定
  •   The United Nations refugee agency has expressed concern about a new requirement by Syria that requires Iraqis to have visas to enter Syrian territory.
  • 聯合國難民事務機構表示關注敘利亞提出的伊拉克人須有簽證才能進入敘利亞的新規定。

  •   A spokesman for the office of U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, Ron Redmond, told reporters in Geneva Friday that the visa requirement effectively closes the last external refuge for Iraqis.
  • 聯合國難民事務高級專員公署的發言人星期五在日內瓦對記者說,簽證要求實際上等於是對伊拉克人關閉了他們最後一個境外的庇護所。

  •   Syria began implementing the visa requirement last Monday.
  • 敘利亞在上個星期一開始實施入境簽證的規定。

  •   An estimated one-point-five million Iraqis already have fled to Syria, creating strains on the country's health and education systems.
  • 已經有大約 150 萬伊拉克人已逃到敘利亞,為敘利亞的醫療保健和教育體系帶來巨大的負擔。


  • (2007-10-05)------

  • Japan's Lunar Probe Successfully Reaches Orbit Around Moon
  • 日本月球探測器成功抵達繞月軌道
  •   Japan's first lunar probe has begun to orbit the moon, in what Japanese space officials are calling the largest mission to investigate the moon since the U.S. Apollo program decades ago.
  • 日本發射的第一個月球探測器已開始環繞月球飛行.日本官員稱這次飛行是美國幾十年前開展「阿波羅」計劃之後的最大規模的探月計劃。

  •   After three delays, and four years behind schedule, Japan's space agency launched the Kaguya lunar orbiter in mid-September.
  • 經過了 3 次推遲之後,日本航天局晚於原計劃 4 年,於 9 月中旬發射了「月亮女神」月球探測器。

  •   Its mission is to orbit the moon for one year, collecting data on the moon's composition, geography and below-ground structure.
  • 探測器的任務是環繞月球飛行 1 年,以搜集有關月球構成、地理和地下結構的數據。

  •   The data will be used to study the origin and evolution of the moon.
  • 這些數據將用來研究月球的起源與變遷。

  •   Officials at Japan's space agency say data collected by Kaguya should help scientists' efforts to eventually set up a solar power station on the moon.
  • 日本航天局官員說,「月亮女神」採集的數據將有助於科學家最終在月球上建立一個太陽能發電站的努力。

  •   In 1990, Japan launched a small probe completing a brief fly-by the moon.
  • 1990 年,日本發射了一個小型探測器,完成一次靠近月球的短暫飛行。


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