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十月份 第 05 課

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  • (2012-10-08)------

  • World Bank Predicts Slowdown for Asian Economies
  • 世行預測亞太地區經濟增長放緩
  •   The World Bank has issued a report predicting an economic growth slowdown in Asia this year.
  • 世界銀行發佈了一份報告,預計今年亞洲經濟增長將放緩。

  •   Monday's report said economic grown in the Asia - Pacific region may slow down by a full percentage point, from 8.2 percent in 2011 to 7.2 percent this year, before recovering to 7.6 percent in 2013.
  • 這份星期一發佈的報告說,亞太地區今年的經濟增長率將下跌一個百分點,從 2011 年的 8.2 % 下降到 7.2 %,但將於 2013 年反彈到 7.6 %。

  •   The new report also says that weak exports and lower investment growth will cut China's GDP growth from 9.3 percent in 2011 to 7.7 percent this year.
  • 世行新公布的報告還說,出口疲軟和投資增長放緩將使中國的 GDP 增長率從 2011 年的 9.3 % 下降到今年的 7.7 %。

  •   However, the bank said it expects China's growth to rebound to 8.1 percent as the impact of stimulus measures kicks in.
  • 不過世界銀行說,隨著中國的刺激經濟增長措施見效,預計中國的經濟增長將回升到 8.1 %。

  •   The World Bank said policy makers in the East Asia and Pacific region will have to continue managing growth and reducing poverty in an environment that will remain volatile.
  • 世界銀行說,東亞和太平洋地區的決策者仍將在一個不穩定的環境中繼續努力推動經濟增長和減少貧困。


  • (2012-10-08)------

  • Romney to Make First Major Foreign Policy Speech
  • 羅姆尼就外交政策發表首次重要講話
  •   Republican U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney makes his first major campaign speech on foreign policy Monday.
  • 共和黨總統候選人羅姆尼星期一首次就外交政策發表重要競選演說。

  •   Mr. Romney will speak to students at the Virginia Military Institute in the town of Lexington - the country's oldest military academy.
  • 羅姆尼將在維吉尼亞州的萊克星敦美國歷史最悠久的軍校維吉尼亞軍校向學生講演。

  •   So far, he has focused mostly on the economy and his plans to repeal President Barack Obama's health care reforms.
  • 迄今為止,羅姆尼關註的焦點集中在經濟問題和他推翻歐巴馬總統醫療保險改革的計劃方面。

  •   But he has criticized the president's Middle East policy, saying Mr. Obama is letting the United States be at the mercy of events rather than shaping them.
  • 但是他批評了歐巴馬總統的中東政策,他說,歐巴馬任由美國被動地應付事態,而沒有積極引導事態發展的方向。

  •   Mr. Romney wrote in The Wall Street Journal last month that events are moving the country away from being able to protect its people and allies.
  • 羅姆尼上個月在華爾街日報撰文寫道,事態的發展使得美國無力保護其人民和盟友。

  •   President Obama is in California, where on Monday he will dedicate a monument to the late leader of the United Farm Workers union, Cesar Chavez. Later, he will attend a fundraising dinner in San Francisco.
  • 歐巴馬星期一將在加利福尼亞州參加 “農場工人聯合會” 的已故領袖查維茲的紀念碑落成典禮;然後他將在舊金山參加募款晚餐會。

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