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十月份 第 05 課

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  • (2010-10-07)------

  • Karzai Launches Afghan Peace Council
  • 卡爾扎伊創立阿富汗和平委員會
  •   Afghan President Hamid Karzai has opened the inaugural session of a peace council that was organized to help reconcile with the Taliban and other militant groups.
  • 阿富汗總統卡爾扎伊召開了一個和平委員會的成立大會;該委員會是為了幫助同塔利班和其他激進組織達成和解。

  •   The first meeting of the 70-member council took place Thursday on the ninth anniversary of the start of the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan.
  • 這個由 70 人組成的委員會星期四舉行的第一次會議正值美國領導的阿富汗戰爭開始 9 週年。

  •   It includes former Taliban officials, former presidents, and civil and religious leaders.
  • 和平委員會成員包括前塔利班官員、前總統以及民間組織和宗教領導人。

  •   At the session, President Karzai called on the Taliban to use the opportunity to join in bringing peace to Afghanistan.
  • 在會議上,卡爾扎伊總統呼籲塔利班利用這個機會參加進來,給阿富汗帶來和平。

  •   The government has urged insurgents to renounce violence and respect the constitution.
  • 阿富汗政府呼籲反叛份子放棄暴力並且尊重國家的憲法。

  •   But the militant group has publicly dismissed any such reconciliation until foreign forces leave the country.
  • 但是這個激進組織公開表示不會在外國軍隊離開阿富汗之前進行這種和解。

  •   U.S. President Barack Obama's administration has expressed support for the Afghan government's efforts to negotiate peace with the Taliban.
  • 美國總統歐巴馬領導的政府對阿富汗政府同塔利班通過談判來實現和平的努力表示支援。


  • (2010-10-07)------

  • More Than 1,000 Teachers in Kenya Fired for Sexual Abuse
  • 肯亞 1 千多教師因性騷擾被開除
  •   Kenyan authorities say more than 1,000 teachers have been fired during the past two years for sexually abusing girls.
  • 肯亞當局說,在過去兩年中,肯亞已經有 1 千多名教師因為性騷擾女孩遭到開除。

  •   Education officials say the teachers have been dismissed for impregnating students and committing other sexual offenses.
  • 教育部官員說,這些教師由於致使學生懷孕以及其他性侵犯行為而已經被開除。

  •   More of the cases have occurred in public schools.
  • 大多數性騷擾案件發生在公立學校。

  •   In addition to being fired from their jobs, some of the teachers have faced criminal proceedings in courts.
  • 除了被開除工作,一些教師還在法院受到刑事審判。

  •   Officials say more than 500 teachers have been fired so far this year for committing sexual abuses, and that 600 were dismissed last year.
  • 官員說,今年到目前為止,有 500 多名教師因性騷擾被開除,去年開除了 600 個教師。


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