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十月份 第 05 課

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  • (2009-10-07)------

  • Two Americans and Israeli Win Nobel Chemistry Prize
  • 兩名美國人一名以色列獲諾貝爾化學獎
  •   Two Americans and an Israeli have won the Nobel Prize in chemistry mapping the structure of key protein-making parts of cells.
  • 兩名美國人和一名以色列人因對“核糖體結構和功能的研究”做出突出貢獻而獲得 2009 年諾貝爾化學獎。

  •   Americans Venkatraman Ramakrishnan and Thomas Steitmz, and Israeli Ada Yonath will share the $1.4 million prize announced Wednesday by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.
  • 瑞典皇家科學院星期三宣佈,美國的文卡特拉曼‧拉馬克里希南、托馬斯‧施泰茨和以色列科學家阿達‧約納特共同獲得今年的諾貝爾化學獎,他們將分享一百四十萬美元的獎金。

  •   The researchers used a method called X-ray crystallography to pinpoint the position of hundreds of thousands of atoms that make up the ribosome.
  • 這些三名研究人員使用 X 射線結晶學方法得到核糖體的三維結構,在原子水準上分析了由幾十萬個原子構成的核糖體的結構。

  •   The academy says their work has helped researchers develop antibiotic cures for various diseases.
  • 瑞典皇家科學院說,他們的工作有助於研發治療各種疾病的抗生素。

  •   Each of them will also receive a diploma and an invitation to the prize ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden on December 10.
  • 他們每人還將收到獲獎證書和一份邀請函,出席 12 月 10 日在瑞典首都斯德哥爾摩舉行的頒獎典禮。


  • (2009-10-07)------

  • US, UK Public Support for Afghan War Slipping on 8th Anniversary
  • 美英公眾在阿富汗戰爭八週年之際支持率下降
  •   Opinion polls in the United States and Britain indicate that on the eighth anniversary of the start of the war in Afghanistan (Wednesday), public support for the conflict is slipping.
  • 美國和英國的民意調查顯示,在星期三紀念阿富汗開戰八週年這一天,兩國民眾對戰爭支持率有所下滑。

  •   A new Associated Press poll finds Americans' support for the war at 40 percent, down four percent from July.
  • 美聯社的一項新民意調查顯示,美國民眾對這場戰爭的支持率為 40 %,比 7 月份比下降了 4 %。

  •   In Britain, 56 percent of people surveyed in a BBC poll said they oppose the war.
  • 英國國家廣播公司所做的一項調查顯示,56 % 的英國民眾反對這場戰爭。

  •   The discontent stems, in part, from increasing war casualties as troops struggle to contain the Taliban insurgency.
  • 這種不滿部分是因為在打擊塔利班的戰爭中不斷上升的傷亡人數。

  •   Spain's defense ministry says one Spanish soldier was killed and five others were wounded Wednesday when their vehicle hit a land mine near the western town of Herat.
  • 西班牙國防部說,西班牙軍隊的裝甲車在西部小鎮赫拉特觸上地雷,導致一名士兵喪生,另外五名士兵受傷。

  •   In eastern Ghazni province, Afghanistan's interior ministry says an insurgent rocket hit a bus, killing two civilians and wounding about 25.
  • 阿富汗內政部長說,在東部的加茲尼省,一枚由反叛分子發射的火箭擊中一輛大巴,炸死一人,炸傷 25 人。


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