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三月份 第 10 課

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  • (2006-03-15) ------

  • Denmark Reports Country's First Bird Flu Case
  • 丹麥首次發現境內野鳥帶禽流感病毒
  •   Health officials in Denmark have reported the country's first case of the H5 strain of avian flu virus in a wild bird.
  • 丹麥衛生官員宣佈,首次在國內一隻野鳥身上發現禽流感病毒的H5毒素。

  •   Authorities did not confirm Wednesday whether the bird was infected with the deadly H5N1 strain of the virus. Danish officials said details would be released later today.
  • 不過,當局星期三沒有確認這隻鳥是否感染了致命的H5N1病毒。丹麥官員說,星期三晚些時候將發佈詳情。

  •   Meanwhile, Indian authorities are preparing to cull tens of thousands of chickens to contain the country's latest outbreak of bird flu.
  • 同時,印度當局正準備宰殺數萬隻雞,以控制該國新爆發的禽流感疫情。

  •   Indian officials said Wednesday they will kill at least 75-thousand birds around the site of the outbreak in the western state of Maharashtra.
  • 印度官員星期三說,他們將在西部馬哈拉施特拉邦發生禽流感疫情地點的周邊地區撲殺至少七萬五千隻雞。

  •   They say four chickens tested positive for the H5 bird flu virus in four villages in Jalgaon district in the northern part of the state. It was unclear whether they had the H5N1 strain.
  • 他們說,在這個邦北部賈爾岡地區的4個村莊有四隻雞被檢驗出感染了H5禽流感毒素。目前不清楚這些雞感染的是不是H5N1病毒。


  • (2006-03-15) ------

  • Thaksin Considers Stepping Down Temporarily to Defuse Crisis
  • 塔克辛考慮為緩解危機暫時下台
  •   Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra says he is considering stepping down temporarily and appointing a caretaker leader to carry out political reforms demanded by the opposition.
  • 泰國總理塔克辛說,他正在考慮暫時下台,指定一名臨時政府領袖來進行反對派所要求的政治改革。

  •   Thaksin has been accused of corruption and many people want him to resign. He did not indicate when he would step aside or for how long.
  • 塔克辛被指稱腐敗,很多人要求他辭職。他沒有明確表示何時暫時下台或離職多長時間。

  •   During a campaign stop northeastern Thailand Wednesday, he said he will base his decision on what is good for the nation, and not be pressured by what he called mob rule.
  • 塔克辛總理星期三在泰國東北部競選時說,他會根據國家利益做出是否下台的決定,而不是根據他稱之為“暴民政治”的壓力。

  •   Thaksin is campaigning for a snap election he has set for April second in a bid to deflate a wave of anti-government protests.
  • 塔克辛為他自己臨時決定於4月2日舉行的選舉開展競選,選舉的目的是平息反政府抗議浪潮。

  •   Tens of thousands of protesters camped out outside Thaksin's office in Bangkok overnight, demanding he resign. The crowds had dwindled to just a few thousand by Wednesday morning.
  • 數萬名抗議者在曼谷的總理府外面徹夜安營扎寨,要求塔克辛辭職。到星期三上午,示威人群已減少到數千人。


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