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三月份 第 16 課

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  • (2006-03-23) ------

  • China: US Lawmakers' Visit Not Likely to Resolve Yuan Dispute
  • 中國稱美議員訪華難解爭議
  •   China says a visit to Beijing by two U.S. senators is not likely to resolve a dispute with the United States over China's currency.
  • 中國表示,美國兩位參議員訪問北京不太可能解決中美之間在人民幣問題上的爭議。

  •   An editorial (published today/Thursday) in the China Daily says the American senators -- Charles Schumer (of New York) and Lindsey Graham (of South Carolina) -- are not likely to persuade Beijing to revalue its currency.
  • 中國日報星期四發表社論說,美國參議員查爾斯.舒默和林賽.格雷厄姆不大可能說服北京對人民幣重新估價。

  •   The state-run newspaper adds, however, that this is a good time to reiterate Beijing's position that U.S. restrictions on sales of high-technology products to China are unnecessary and a barrier to free trade.
  • 但是這份官方報紙說,北京可以利用這個好機會重申,美國對中國的高科技產品出口限制是不必要的,而且是自由貿易的障礙。

  •   Graham and Schumer have asked the U.S. Congress to impose steep tariffs on Chinese imports to the United States unless Beijing agrees to raise the value of its currency, the yuan.
  • 格雷厄姆和舒默在參議院提出議案,要求除非北京同意提高人民幣幣值,否則就對從中國進口的產品徵收高關稅。


  • (2006-03-23) ------

  • Japan Halts Lending to China Temporarily
  • 日暫停對中貸款
  •   Japan says it will not make any new yen loans to China for the remainder of this month because of strained relations between the two countries.
  • 日本表示,鑒於緊張的日中關係,日本這個月不會再向中國提供新日元貸款。

  •   Japan's chief Cabinet secretary, Shinzo Abe, says the government will monitor relations with China to see if the situation improves.
  • 日本內閣官房長官安倍晉三說,日本政府將觀察和中國的關係,看看局勢是否會有所好轉。

  •   However, comments by Abe and other Japanese officials indicate the lending could resume during Japan's new fiscal year, which begins April first.
  • 不過,安倍晉三和其他日本官員暗示,日本可能在新財政年度裡恢復日元貸款。日本的財政年度在4月1日開始。

  •   Sino-Japanese ties have worsened in the past year, with both countries arguing over access to gas deposits in the East China Sea.
  • 日中關係一年來有所惡化,雙方在東海天然氣資源問題上產生糾紛。

  •   Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's repeated visits to the Yasukuni war shrine in Tokyo have also upset China, which views the shrine as a symbol of Japan's militaristic past.
  • 此外,日本首相小泉一再參拜東京的靖國神社也令中國憤怒.中國認為靖國神社是日本軍國主義歷史的象徵。


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