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三月份 第 18 課

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  • (2008-03-26) ------

  • China Says No Punishment for Monks Involved in Protest Before Journalists
  • 中國稱不會懲罰參與記者前抗議的僧侶
  •   China says it will not punish monks who disrupted a government-led media tour of Tibet's capital, Lhasa.
  • 中國說,將不會懲罰在西藏首府拉薩打斷政府組織的境外媒體採訪活動的僧侶。

  •   About 30 Buddhist monks of the Jokhang Temple stormed into the briefing Thursday and complained of a lack of religious freedom.
  • 大昭寺的大約 30 名僧侶星期四闖入官方主辦的發佈會,抱怨沒有宗教自由。

  •   They also disputed Beijing's claims that Tibet's exiled spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, was behind the recent protests against Chinese rule.
  • 他們還辯駁了北京有關西藏流亡精神領袖達賴喇嘛幕後策劃最近反抗北京統治的抗議活動的指稱。

  •   Baima Chilin, the vice-chairman of the Chinese-controlled Tibetan government, said Friday the monks were trying to "mislead the world's opinion."
  • 受北京控制的西藏自治區政府的副主席白瑪赤林星期五說,這些僧侶試圖「誤導全球輿論」。

  •   However, he said they will not be harmed or taken into detention.
  • 不過他說,這些僧侶不會受到傷害或者被拘留。

  •   At the same time, he says authorities are not allowing any of the 117 monks at Jokhang to leave the temple, while some are investigated for their role in violent protests.
  • 他同時說,當局不允許大昭寺 117 名僧侶中的任何人離開寺廟,其中一些僧侶因在暴力抗議中的角色而接受調查。

  •   The Dalai Lama said Friday that the official Chinese media has used what he called "deceit and distorted images" to portray the recent unrest in Tibet.
  • 達賴喇嘛星期五說,中國官方媒體使用他所稱的「欺騙和歪曲事實的圖像」來描繪西藏近期的動亂。


  • (2008-03-26) ------

  • Hong Kong Democracy Activist to Retire
  • 香港民主活動人士將退休
  •   Martin Lee, one of Hong Kong's leading advocates for full democracy under Chinese communist rule, says he will retire from his seat in the legislature.
  • 推動香港在中國統治下實行全面民主的主要人物之一的李柱銘表示,他將從立法會議員的議席上退休。

  •   Lee, who will turn 70 years old in June, says it is time for "new blood" to take over.
  • 今年 6 月將滿 70 歲的李柱銘說,現在到了「新鮮血液」接班的時候。

  •   He will not run again when his current term expires in July, after 23 years in office.
  • 擔任 23 年議員的李柱銘在他目前任期今年 7 月屆滿後不再參選。

  •   Lee has been at the forefront of the pro-democracy movement since the territory switched from British to Chinese rule in 1997, and was a founding chairman of the Democratic Party.
  • 自 1997 年香港主權從英國轉交回中國以後,李柱銘一直處在親民主運動的前列;他還是香港民主黨的創黨主席。

  •   He says his biggest regret was not ensuring universal suffrage, but promises to continue the fight for the rest of his life.
  • 他說他最大的遺憾是沒能確保普選,但承諾將盡餘生為之奮鬥。


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