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五月份 第 01 課

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  • (2013-05-01) ------

  • S.Korea Reports Progress on Remaining Workers at Kaesong Complex
  • 韓朝就滯留人員撤離的談判取得進展
  •   South Korea says it is making progress with the North on allowing the return of its workers who remain at a suspended joint industrial zone just north of the border.
  • 韓國說,與朝鮮就允許仍滯留在停頓狀態的開城工業園區韓國人員撤離的磋商正取得進展。

  •   But the South's Unification Ministry says more time is needed to resolve issues such as unpaid taxes and wages before the seven remaining South Koreans can leave the Kaesong industrial complex.
  • 但是韓國統一部說,在最後滯留的 7 名韓國人能離開開城工業園區之前,需要更多的時間解決未支付的稅款和工資。

  •   The last-minute dispute prevented the workers from leaving along with the last 43 South Koreans who returned home Monday.
  • 雙方最後一刻的爭議使這 7 名員工無法同最後一批 43 名韓國人於星期一一起返回韓國。

  •   If they leave, it would break the final peaceful link between the two foes.
  • 如果這些韓國人撤離,將打破朝鮮半島敵對雙方最後的和平聯係。

  •   North Korea pulled its 53,000 workers and blocked South Korean entry to the facility last month, as part of its angry reaction to expanded United Nations sanctions against its latest nuclear test.
  • 上個月,朝鮮撤走其 5 萬 3 千名工人,並阻止韓國人進入園區;這是朝鮮對聯合國制裁其最近的一次核試驗做出的憤怒反應的一部份。


  • (2013-05-01) ------

  • Saudi Oil Minister: US Energy Independence is Naive
  • 沙烏地阿拉伯部長:美國的能源獨立想法是幼稚的
  •   Saudi Arabian oil minister Ali al-Naimi says the United States is naive to think it could become independent from Middle East oil.
  • 沙烏地阿拉伯石油部長歐那密表示,美國認為自己不必依靠中東石油,能實現石油獨立的想法是幼稚的。

  •   Al-Naimi told an audience in Washington Tuesday that he welcomes an increase in U.S. oil and gas production as good for the U.S. economy and world oil supplies.
  • 歐那密星期二在華盛頓演講時表示,他歡迎美國提高石油和天然氣產量,因為這對美國經濟和世界石油供應是好事。

  •   But he said the idea of energy independence is naive and simplistic, because he said global energy markets are interconnected.
  • 但是他說,能源獨立的想法是幼稚並過於簡單的,因為國際能源市場是相互關聯的。

  •   Since the 1973 Middle East oil embargo, many Americans, including President Barack Obama and his predecessors, have said the United States must stop depending on foreign oil.
  • 自從 1973 年中東地區實行石油禁運以來,包括歐巴馬總統及前美國總統在內的很多美國人認為,美國必須停止依賴外國石油進口。

  •   They say energy independence is crucial for U.S. national security.
  • 他們說,能源自主對美國國家安全來說是至關重要的。

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