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五月份 第 13 課

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  • (2013-05-17) ------

  • US “Concerned” at Conviction of Vietnamese Activists
  • 美國對越南活動人士被定罪表示關注
  •   The United States says it is concerned at the prison sentences given to two young activists in Vietnam who were convicted this week on subversion charges.
  • 美國說,對兩名年輕活動人士在越南被判徒刑表示關注,他們本星期被判顛覆罪。

  •   College student Nguyen Phuong Uyen was given six years in prison, while computer technician Dinh Nguyen Kha received eight years following a one-day trial Thursday.
  • 經過星期四的一天審訊後,大學生阮芳鴛被判 6 年監禁,電腦技工廷阮可被判 8 年監禁。

  •   They were found guilty of spreading what Vietnamese authorities said were "anti-government" leaflets that "humiliated" the country's communist government.
  • 他們被判散發越南當局所說的 “反政府傳單” 的罪名成立,當局認為這些傳單侮辱了越南共產黨政府。

  •   On Friday, the U.S. embassy in Hanoi said the sentences were "inconsistent with the right to freedom of expression," and called for the immediate release of all prisoners of conscience.
  • 美國駐河內大使館星期五說,這種判決與自由表達觀點的權利相悖,並敦促越南當局立即釋放所有良心犯。

  •   The statement said the case is "part of a disturbing trend of Vietnamese authorities using charges under national security laws to imprison government critics for peacefully expressing their political views."
  • 美國大使館的聲明說,越南當局越來越多地利用國家安全法起訴並監禁以和平方式表達自己政治觀點的批評人士,而這一案件就是這種令人不安的趨向的組成部分。


  • (2013-05-17) ------

  • UN Chief Discusses Syria with Russian Officials
  • 聯合國秘書長潘基文和俄羅斯官員討論敘利亞問題
  •   United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is in Russia, where he has said it is important not to "lose momentum" in talks on setting up a peace conference on Syria next month.
  • 正在俄羅斯訪問的聯合國秘書長潘基文說,關於下個月舉行敘利亞問題和平會議的磋商不要 “失去勢頭” 是非常重要的。

  •   Mr. Ban is in the Black Sea resort town of Sochi to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin for talks on Syria.
  • 潘基文目前在黑海城市索契,準備和俄羅斯總統普京就敘利亞問題舉行會談。

  •   Earlier Friday, he met with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.
  • 星期五早些時候,潘基文會晤了外交部長拉伕羅夫。

  •   Russia has been pushing for inclusion of Syrian ally Iran and western ally Saudi Arabia in those talks, while accusing the United States of trying to narrow the field of participants.
  • 俄羅斯一直主張邀請敘利亞的盟友伊朗以及同西方友好的國家沙特參加和平會議,並且指責美國試圖縮小參加和平會議的範圍。

  •   Also Friday, the New York Times reported Friday that Russia has sent more advanced anti-ship cruise missiles to Syria.
  • 另一方面,紐約時報星期五報導說,俄羅斯向敘利亞提供了更多的先進反艦巡航導彈。

  •   At the same time, Russia says it has no interest in seeing Mr. Assad remain in power.
  • 而同時俄羅斯則表示,它並沒有興趣看到阿薩德繼續掌權。

  •   On Thursday, U.S. President Barack Obama and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said they will keep pressure on Syria's president to step down.
  • 星期四,美國總統歐巴馬和土耳其總理埃爾多安說,他們將繼續向敘利亞總統阿薩德施加壓力,迫使他下台。

  •   Mr. Obama said at a joint White House news conference that he and Mr. Erdogan agree that President Bashar al-Assad should hand over power to a transitional body.
  • 歐巴馬在白宮舉行的聯合記者會上說,他和埃爾多安都認為,阿薩德應該把權力交給一個過渡機構。

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