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十二月份 第 14 課

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  • (2013-12-20)------

  • EU Continues Calls for Ukraine Cooperation
  • 歐盟繼續呼籲烏克蘭進行合作
  •   European Union leaders are opening a second day of meetings in Brussels with renewed calls for Ukraine to sign a deal establishing closer ties with the EU, despite the Ukrainian government's efforts to strengthen the relationship with Russia instead.
  • 歐洲聯盟領導人在布魯塞爾連續第二天召開會議,再次要求烏克蘭簽署一項跟歐盟建立更密切關係的協議,儘管烏克蘭政府努力加強與俄羅斯的關係。

  •   President Dalia Grybauskaite of Lithuania, which currently holds the EU's rotating presidency, said Friday that "Europe is open for Ukrainian people, but not necessarily for this government."
  • 立陶宛總統達利婭‧格里包斯凱特星期五說:“歐盟對烏克蘭人民敞開大門,但不一定對該國政府這樣”, 立陶宛目前是歐盟輪值主席。

  •   While pro-EU demonstrations continue in Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities, President Viktor Yanukovych on Thursday harshly criticized the West for supporting the protests, which are calling for his ouster.
  • 親歐盟的示威行動繼續在基輔及其他烏克蘭城市舉行,抗議民眾要求亞努科維奇下台;烏克蘭總統亞努科維奇星期四嚴厲指責西方國家支援這些抗議示威。

  •   He announced plans to partially join a Moscow-led economic union - a move likely to deepen the country's political crisis.
  • 亞努科維奇宣佈計劃部份加入由莫斯科主導的經濟聯盟,此舉可能加劇烏克蘭的政治危機。

  •   Speaking in a televised interview with some hand-picked journalists, Mr. Yanukovych criticized foreign nations for meddling in Ukraine's internal affairs.
  • 亞努科維奇在電視上接受一些他親手挑選的記者採訪時,批評外國插手烏克蘭內部事務。

  •   The president said he is ((- in his words - )) "categorically against others coming to our country and teaching us how to live." He ruled out early elections.
  • 總統說,他 “堅決反對別人到我們國家來教我們如何生活”;他排除了提前舉行選舉的可能性。


  • (2013-12-20)------

  • Officials Investigate London Theater Collapse
  • 英國調查倫敦劇院屋頂坍塌原因
  •   Investigators in London are trying to figure out why part of the ceiling of a theater collapsed mid-performance Thursday, injuring at least 88 people at a nearly sold-out show.
  • 倫敦的調查人員正在了解一家劇院的屋頂在星期四的演出中為什麼會發生部分坍塌;這次事故造成至少 88 人受傷,當時劇院幾乎滿座。

  •   Officials say it is not clear whether a downpour of rain just prior to the incident had contributed to the collapse.
  • 有關官員說,目前還不清楚演出前降臨的一場傾盆大雨是否是這次屋頂坍塌的部份原因。

  •   Police said there was no indication the collapse was the result of any deliberate act or attack.
  • 警方說,沒有跡象顯示這次坍塌是蓄意攻擊的結果。

  •   London police told VOA there were 81 so-called "walking wounded" and that seven others were taken to the hospital following the incident at the Apollo Theater. No fatalities have been reported.
  • 倫敦警方對美國之音說,81 人受到輕傷,另外 7 人在阿波羅劇院事故發生後被送往醫院治療;到目前為止,沒有人死亡。

  •   Rescue workers at the scene said all those trapped by the collapse in the century-old, 775-seat auditorium have been freed.
  • 在場的救援人員說,所有因坍塌事故受困的人們都已脫離了險境;這所劇院有 775 個座位,其歷史已經長達百年。

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