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第四部 第四課: 請重複跟讀 - 於留空之間可以順暢唸完為止‧

  • We were playing Chicago there and the crowd was yelling and booing and waving handkerchiefs to distract us.
  • 我們那時候正在芝加哥和當地一個球隊比賽,看球的人群又喊又嚷,還揮舞手絹想分散我們的注意力....
  • But I kept my eye on the ball, swung as hard as I could and hit a home run.
  • 可是,我集中注意力,使出所有的力量來打球,結果打了一個全壘打....
  • That Chicago crowd sure quieted down as I jogged around the bases.
  • 這下子,當我沿著壘包跑的時候,芝加哥的觀眾就整個靜了下來了。
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  • Tom, your sales record is way down the past six months.
  • 湯姆,你的銷售量在過去半年裡一直很低....
  • You've only sold 17 cars all this time.
  • 你在這段時間裡一共才賣了十七輛汽車....
  • You'd better start keeping your eye on the ball, or you'll find yourself looking for another job.
  • 你最好是集中注意力地工作,否則,你恐怕得另外找工作了。
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  • Of course, John and I have had a few problems, just like most married couples.
  • 當然了,約翰和我是有一些矛盾,就像大多數的夫妻一樣....
  • But I always felt we had a good, solid marriage.
  • 但是,我一直認為我們的婚姻關係是良好且穩固的....
  • So it was a terrible eye-opener when I opened the letter he'd left on the kitchen table and found out he'd run off with his old college sweetheart.
  • 所以,當我打開他留在廚房桌上的信,知道他和他以前大學裡的女朋友出走了的時候,我真是大吃一驚。
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  • Seeing those color films the astronauts took off the earth on their flight to the moon was certainly an eye-opener.
  • 看到太空人員在登上月球時拍的那些地球的彩色照片時,我真是開了眼界,...
  • I never realized how beautiful and how lonely our planet looks hanging there in space.
  • 我從來也不知道我們的地球在太空中是這麼地美麗、這麼地孤單。
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EPT 美語
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