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第四部 第六課: 請重複跟讀 - 於留空之間可以順暢唸完為止‧

  • Honey, the old man told me what a great job I'm doing and how I am so valuable to the company.
  • 親愛的,那老頭說我工作做得如何好,對公司來說又是如何地重要....
  • But he said the company isn't making enough money right now to give anybody a raise,
  • 但是他說,當前公司沒有足夠的收入來給每個人加工資....
  • he thinks he may be able to do something about it a year from now.
  • 他說明年他也許能想辦法給我加工資....
  • But I'm afraid all he gave me was a lot of baloney.
  • 不過,他說的那些話恐怕多半都是空話。
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  • Baloney! That's all it is when my opponent keeps saying that
  • 我的政敵總是如此胡說!...
  • my voting record always favors big business over the average citizen.
  • 說我在投票的時候,老是從大企業的利益出發,而不考慮一般老百姓....
  • Let me say it again: that's nothing but baloney!
  • 讓我再重複一遍:他們的這些話純屬一派胡言。
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  • John Doe, the former head of the City Public Works Department,
  • 以前市政工程部的頭頭多伊.約翰,...
  • went on trial today in the district court.
  • 今天在地區法院受審....
  • He is charged with taking a 50,000-dollar kickback from the Blank Construction Company
  • 他的罪名是接受布蘭克建築公司給他的五萬美元賄賂,...
  • after giving them a 3 million dollars contract to repair the city streets.
  • 以換取他給該公司一項價值三百萬美元修理街道的合同。
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  • We thought our congressman was a sure bet to be re-elected. But he's in real trouble--
  • 大家都以為我們的議員肯定會再次當選,但是他現在可碰到了麻煩的事了,...
  • his opponent charges him with getting kickbacks for voting a certain way
  • 他的對手指責他在對某項提案進行投票的時候接受賄賂,...
  • and seems to have some evidence to prove it.
  • 而且他們好像是有一些證據。
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EPT 美語
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