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第四部 第八課: 請重複跟讀 - 於留空之間可以順暢唸完為止‧

  • How about coming out with us Wednesday night?
  • 星期三晚上跟我們一塊兒出去玩兒吧,怎麼樣?...
  • We're all going to take Bill Glover out to dinner. Then later we'll drop into a few night spots.
  • 我們大家一起請比爾格洛弗出去吃晚飯.然後,我們再到幾家像夜總會那樣的地方去玩....
  • It's Bill's last chance to kick up his heels, you know -- he's getting married the next morning.
  • 這是比爾到外面去尋歡作樂的最後一次機會了,你知道,他星期四就要結婚啦。
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  • My mother and dad are over sixty,
  • 我的爸爸和媽媽已經六十多歲了,...
  • but they still like to go out once in a while to have dinner and do a little dancing and kick up their heels.
  • 但是他們有時候還是喜歡到外面去吃晚飯、跳跳舞,高興高興地....
  • Of course, they go home a lot earlier than they used to.
  • 當然囉,他們現在回家的時間要比以前早得多了。
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  • Last night Michael Smith kicked off his campaign for the U.S. Senate with a speech here promising lower taxes
  • 昨天晚上,邁克爾.史密斯在這裡發表講話,做為他競選美國參議員競選活動的開始.他在講話中向選民們保證降低稅收,...
  • and a bigger budget for schools and more help to the farmers.
  • 而且增加學校經費,並給予農民更多的幫助。
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  • Now that my exams are all finished, I'm going to kick off the summer vacation
  • 現在考試已經全部結束了,我的暑假就此展開。...
  • by going down to Ocean City for a week to get some sun,
  • 先到海洋城去玩一個星期,並曬曬太陽,...
  • some surf and a chance to look at the girls.
  • 到海上衝衝浪,順便看看那裡的女孩娘們.
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EPT 美語
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