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十月份 第 03 課

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  • (2007-10-03)------

  • China and Vietnam Evacuate Hundreds of Thousands Due to Tropical Storm
  • 熱帶風暴來襲中國和越南疏散數十萬人
  •   China and Vietnam have evacuated hundreds of thousands of people as a tropical storm swept over a southern Chinese island and pushed on toward the central Vietnamese coastline.
  • 熱帶風暴橫掃中國南部島嶼並且向越南中部海岸線移動,中國和越南疏散了數十萬人。

  •   Meterologists in Vietnam say Tropical Storm Lekima is expected to make landfall in its central provinces some time late Wednesday local time, bringing heavy rain and winds up to 120 kilometers-per-hour.
  • 越南的氣象學家說,預期熱帶風暴「利奇馬」將於當地時間星期三晚些時候在越南的中部省份登陸,帶來暴雨和時速 120 公里的強風。

  •   The storm has already forced the evacuation of more than two-hundred thousand on China's Hainan island, triggering flight cancellations and trapping tourists.
  • 這一熱帶風暴已經迫使中國的海南島上的 20 多萬人進行了疏散,迫使航班取消並且出現旅遊者被困的情況。


  • (2007-10-03)------

  • Philippine President Cancels Telecommunications Deal With China
  • 菲總統取消和中國的電訊合同
  •   Philippine President Gloria Arroyo has told China that her country has decided to cancel a multimillion dollar telecommunications deal with a Chinese firm after it triggered a corruption scandal at home.
  • 菲律賓總統阿羅約對中國領導人表示,菲律賓決定終止和一家中國通訊公司簽訂的價值上億美元的合同;這筆交易在菲律賓國內引發了一起腐敗醜聞。

  •   A government spokesman said Wednesday that Ms. Arroyo personally informed Chinese President Hu Jintao of the decision during a meeting with him in Beijing on Tuesday.
  • 菲律賓政府一名發言人星期三說,阿羅約總統星期二在北京和中國國家主席胡錦濤會晤期間親自向胡錦濤通知了這一決定。

  •   Ms. Arroyo is in Beijing attending an event marking the opening of the 2007 Special Olympics.
  • 阿羅約總統目前在北京出席一個慶祝 2007 年殘障人士奧運會的活動。

  •   The spokesman said Mr. Hu expressed his understanding of the Manilla's decision during the meeting.
  • 菲律賓政府發言人說,胡錦濤在會晤期間表示理解菲律賓政府做出的決定。

  •   The deal was cancelled following allegations of bribes and kickbacks.
  • 在出現了關於賄賂和回扣的指稱,導致這項合同的取消。

  •   Earlier this week, the chief of the Philippines' election commission resigned after he was accused of accepting bribes to secure the contract for Chinese telecom firm ZTE Corp.
  • 本星期早些時候,菲律賓選舉委員會主席宣佈辭職.此前,他被指控接受賄賂,幫助中國中興公司獲得合同。


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