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十月份 第 03 課

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  • (2008-10-03)------

  • Signs US House May Approve Financial Rescue Plan
  • 美眾院通過金融救助法案前景樂觀
  •   Support for a 700 billion-dollar plan to rescue the U.S. financial sector appears to be growing in the U.S. House of Representatives, ahead of today's (Friday's) expected vote on the bailout package.
  • 在美國國會眾議院星期五就救助美國金融機構的 7 千億美元方案表決之前,對這項方案的支援看來正在增長。

  •   The measure already has passed a preliminary vote on procedural issues.
  • 有關這項法案的程序問題已經在初步表決中獲得通過。

  •   Several Democratic and Republican lawmakers who voted against an earlier version of the plan on Monday now say they will approve the measure.
  • 星期一曾投票反對最初方案的幾名民主黨和共和黨議員現在表示,他們這次將投贊成票。

  •   House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said he thinks there is a "good prospect" the bill will pass.
  • 眾議院多數黨領袖霍耶說,他認為這項法案獲得批准的前景不錯。

  •   The plan includes amendments designed to attract the support of reluctant lawmakers.
  • 這項方案做了一些修正,以便爭取那些不情願的議員的支持。

  •   It limits compensation for the heads of failed financial institutions, and increases the size of bank accounts protected by government insurance against bank failure.
  • 這項方案對失敗金融機構主管的薪酬進行限制,並提高了政府在銀行倒閉時保護銀行帳戶存款的數額上限。

  •   There also are tax breaks for alternative energy companies.
  • 此外,這項方案規定對生產替代性能源的公司實行優惠稅率政策。

  •   The U.S. Senate easily passed the revised version on Wednesday.
  • 星期三,這項經過修訂的法案在美國國會參議院輕易獲得通過。

  •   President Bush has been personally lobbying House lawmakers to support the bill.
  • 布希總統一直在親自說服眾議員支持這項法案。

  •   Monday's rejection of the bill in the House triggered a dramatic plunge on stock markets, costing investors one trillion dollars in stock values.
  • 眾議院星期一否決這項法案後,股市大跌,使投資者的股票價值損失了 1 萬億美元。


  • (2008-10-03)------

  • UN Official: Asia Must Strengthen Financial Regulations
  • 聯合國官員:亞洲必須加強金融監管
  •   A top United Nations trade and development official says Asia needs to strengthen its financial regulations to protect the region's financial system.
  • 聯合國一位負責貿易和發展事務的高級官員說,亞洲需要加強金融監管,以保護亞洲的金融系統。

  •   Supachai Panitchpakdi, the secretary general of the U.N. Conference on Trade and Development, today (Friday) also urged Asian countries to take a leading role to boost regional cooperation.
  • 聯合國貿易和發展會議的秘書長素帕猜星期五還敦促亞洲國家在促進地區合作方面發揮主導作用。

  •   Since the U.S. financial crisis began last month, central banks in Japan, Australia, India and other Asian countries have poured billions of dollars into credit markets.
  • 自從美國金融危機上個月開始以來,日本、澳大利亞、印度和其他亞洲國家的中央銀行向信貸市場投入了數以十億計的美元。

  •   Supachai said the U.S. financial rescue package will provide only temporary relief, not a solution to the crisis.
  • 素帕猜說,美國拯救金融市場的計劃將只能起到臨時緩解的作用,而不是解決危機的辦法。

  •   He urged central banks to follow policies promoting economic stability.
  • 他敦促各國央行遵循促進經濟穩定的政策。


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