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十月份 第 03 課

  • 歷史上的今天------>
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  • (2010-10-05)------

  • Toxic Waste Spill Floods Hungarian Towns, Kills 3
  • 有毒廢料侵襲匈牙利城鎮造成 3 人死亡
  •   Officials in western Hungary declared a state of emergency Tuesday after a toxic sludge spill that killed three people and injured 120 others.
  • 匈牙利西部的官員星期二在一家工廠發生有毒污泥洩露事故後宣佈這裡進入緊急狀態;這起事故導致 3 人死亡, 120 人受傷。

  •   The emergency order covers three counties near a metals plant where a reservoir burst Monday, flooding several towns with the waste.
  • 這個緊急令涵蓋了一個金屬廠附近的三個縣;有毒泥漿星期一從這家金屬廠儲存廢料的水庫裏湧出,衝流到好幾個城鎮。

  •   Officials say as much as 700,000 cubic meters of the sludge were spilled at the plant, about 160 kilometers west of Budapest.
  • 有關官員說,這家位於布達佩斯以西大約 160 公里處的金屬廠溢出了多達 70 萬立方米的廢水混合物。

  •   The plant makes alumina -- a derivative of the metal ore bauxite that is used to make aluminum.
  • 這家工廠生產礬土;礬土是金屬礦石鋁土礦的衍生品,用來製造金屬鋁。

  •   The waste can be fatal if swallowed.
  • 如果吞嚥這些廢水是會致命的。

  •   Police are investigating what caused the reservoir to break.
  • 警方正在調查導致貯液水庫破裂的原因。


  • (2010-10-05)------

  • Ecuador Raises Security Forces' Pay
  • 厄瓜多提高安全部隊工資
  •   Ecuador's government has raised salaries for its security forces several days after soldiers rescued President Rafael Correa from a deadly police uprising.
  • 厄瓜多軍人從一次造成死亡的警察叛亂中解救科雷亞總統幾天後,政府提高了安全部隊人員的工資。

  •   The pay of four ranks of security personnel will increase by up to $570 a month.
  • 四個級別安全人員的月工資將提高最高到 570 美元。

  •   Defense Minister Javier Ponce said Monday the salary hikes were planned before last week's unrest.
  • 厄瓜多國防部部長哈維爾‧龐塞星期一說,提高工資是在上星期的騷亂之前就已經計劃好的。

  •   Thursday police and some military units occupied a runway at the country's main airport and shut down highways to protest a new law that cuts their promotion bonuses.
  • 上星期四,警察和一些軍人佔領了厄瓜多主要機場的一條跑道,並封閉高速公路,以抗議一項削減升職獎勵的新法令。

  •   Angry police confronted Mr. Correa and fired tear gas at him when he tried to meet with them.
  • 憤怒的警察與科雷亞總統對峙,並在總統試圖會見他們時發射催淚彈。

  •   The president took refuge in a Quito hospital before he was rescued in a nighttime raid by loyal troops.
  • 科雷亞在基多的一所醫院尋求庇護,之後在一次夜間突襲中被忠於自己的部隊解救。

  •   At least eight people were killed in the violence, which spread to several parts of Ecuador.
  • 在厄瓜多一些地區發生的暴力事件中至少有 8 人被打死。


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