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十月份 第 12 課

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  • (2006-10-17)------

  • Dozens More Killed In Iraq Violence
  • 又有幾十人死於伊拉克暴力
  •   Iraqi authorities say a spate of bombings, mortar attacks and shootings across the country killed dozens of people today (Tuesday).
  • 伊拉克當局說,伊拉克各地星期二發生一系列爆炸、迫擊炮襲擊以及槍擊事件,造成幾十人死亡。

  •   The attacks took place in Baghdad, the northern city of Mosul and several other towns.
  • 巴格達、北部城市摩蘇爾以及其他幾個城鎮都有襲擊發生。

  •   Meanwhile, the U.S. military says more than 60 people were killed in sectarian violence between Shi'ite and Sunni Muslims in the town of Balad since Friday.
  • 與此同時,美國軍方說,在巴拉德城鎮,自上星期五以來有60多人在什葉派和遜尼派回教徒之間的新一輪教派暴力中喪生。

  •   Earlier reports said the death toll in Balad was nearly 100.
  • 此前有報導說,巴拉德的死亡人數已經近100人。

  •   A military statement said U.S. troops are patroling in Balad and providing support for Iraqi forces trying to stop the bloodshed in the town.
  • 軍方的一項聲明說,美國部隊正在巴拉德巡邏,為在城內試圖制止流血事件的伊拉克部隊提供支持。

  •   The statement said coalition forces also detained two Iraqi police officers who allegedly were involved in the killing of 19 Shi'ites (in Al Dulyiyah on Friday), the act that sparked retaliation against Sunnis in Balad.
  • 聲明說,聯軍部隊還拘押了兩名據稱參與殺害19名什葉派人士的伊拉克警官.正是這起事件引發了巴拉德城內針對遜尼派的報復行動。


  • (2006-10-17)------

  • EU: Iran Must Accept Conditions for Nuclear Talks
  • 歐盟:伊朗必須接受核會談條件
  •   A top European Union diplomat has renewed a call for Iran to suspend uranium enrichment as a condition for new talks with Western nations.
  • 一位歐盟高級外交官再次呼籲伊朗中止濃縮鈾活動,做為與西方國家舉行新一輪會談的條件。

  •   Foreign policy chief Javier Solana spoke today (Tuesday) in Luxembourg, as foreign ministers from EU nations gathered to discuss Iran's nuclear program.
  • 歐盟外交政策主管索拉納星期二在盧森堡發出了上述呼籲,歐盟各國外交部長目前在盧森堡討論伊朗的核項目問題。

  •   He said there is always hope for talks, but said it is up to Iran to accept the conditions to start real negotiations.
  • 他說,舉行會談的希望總是有的,但是,這將取決於伊朗是否接受條件開始真正的談判。

  •   Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has refused to suspend enrichment activities before new talks.
  • 伊朗總統艾哈邁迪內賈德拒絕在新的會談前中止濃縮鈾項目。

  •   At today's meeting, EU diplomats are expected to give formal backing for sanctions against Iran by the United Nations Security Council.
  • 預計,歐盟外交官們在今天的會議上將會正式表示支持聯合國安理會制裁伊朗的決定。

  •   A draft statement by EU officials said that recent talks with Iran have failed, leaving no choice but to support possible sanctions.
  • 歐盟官員起草的一份聲明草案說,與伊朗最近的幾次會談失敗,歐盟除了支持可能的制裁外,沒有其他選擇。

  •   Western nations accuse Iran of seeking nuclear weapons -- a charge that Tehran denies.
  • 西方國家指責伊朗尋求核武器,而伊朗否認。


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