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十月份 第 12 課

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  • (2010-10-18)------

  • Somali Pirates Blamed for 44 Percent of Global Incidents
  • 全球海盜事件索馬利亞海盜佔 44 %
  •   A new report says Somali pirates remain a threat to international shipping despite the efforts of the world's navies.
  • 一份新報告說,儘管有世界各國海軍的努力,但是索馬利亞海盜對國際航運而言仍是一個威脅。

  •   The International Maritime Bureau said Monday that Somali pirates carried out 44 percent of the nearly 300 piracy incidents reported worldwide between January and September.
  • 國際海事局星期一表示,在一月到九月,全世界報導的將近 300 起海盜事件中,索馬利亞海盜發起的襲擊事件佔 44 %。

  •   The IMB report, released Monday, also said Somali pirates were responsible for 35 of the 39 hijackings during that same period.
  • 星期一公佈的國際海事局的報告還表示,索馬利亞海盜還對同期發生的 39 起劫持船隻事件中的 35 起負責。

  •   A surge in pirate attacks in the Gulf of Aden, between Somalia and Yemen, prompted many countries to send naval forces to the area.
  • 在索馬利亞和葉門之間的亞丁灣海盜襲擊激增,使得許多國家派遣海軍部隊到這個海域。

  •   The report said the naval presence has helped control piracy, but noted that Somali pirates have expanded their range to attack ships in the northern Indian Ocean and the southern Red Sea.
  • 報告說,海軍的存在有助於控制海盜,但也指出索馬利亞海盜已經擴大了在印度洋北部和紅海南部襲擊船隻的範圍。

  •   The IMB says the area where the pirates operate is so vast that the navies cannot realistically cover it.
  • 國際海事局說,海盜行動涵蓋的海域過於遼闊,海軍並不能實際覆蓋這麼廣大的地區。


  • (2010-10-18)------

  • Gunmen Kill 8 Private Security Guards in Afghanistan
  • 槍手在阿富汗殺死 8 名私人保安
  •   Officials in Afghanistan say eight Afghan security guards were killed when Taliban insurgents attacked a security post in the southern province of Helmand.
  • 阿富汗官員說,塔利班反叛分子在南部的赫爾曼德省襲擊一處安全哨卡時,打死 8 名阿富汗警衛。

  •   Authorities say two people were wounded Monday in the pre-dawn gunfight in Gereshk district.
  • 當局說,星期一拂曉前發生在蓋雷什克區的槍戰還導致兩人受傷。

  •   Officials say a Taliban fighter was killed in the battle.
  • 有關官員說,一名塔利班武裝分子在戰鬥中喪命。

  •   In other violence, Afghan officials say three people were killed in a bomb blast in western Herat city.
  • 在其他的暴力事件中,阿富汗官員說,有 3 人在西部赫拉特市發生的一起炸彈爆炸事件中喪生。

  •   Several others, including a policeman, were also wounded.
  • 包括一名警察在內的其他幾個人受了傷。

  •   Meanwhile, NATO says coalition forces killed at least 10 insurgents during air strikes in northern Baghlan province Sunday.
  • 與此同時,北約表示,盟軍部隊星期天在北部巴格蘭省進行的空襲中打死至少 10 名反叛分子。

  •   NATO says the target of the attack was a senior Taliban military leader accused of financing the group and supplying weapons and ammunition to Taliban operatives in the area.
  • 北約說,這次襲擊的目標是被控在這個地區對塔利班提供資金以及對塔利班活動提供武器彈藥的一名塔利班高級軍事領導人。


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