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十月份 第 12 課

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  • (2012-10-17)------

  • Two US Sailors Arrested for Alleged Rape in Japan
  • 涉嫌在沖繩強姦日本婦女的兩名美國軍人被捕
  •   Police in Japan have arrested two U.S. sailors on suspicion of raping aJapanese woman on the island of Okinawa, further raising tension about thepresence of American troops there.
  • 日本警方逮捕了涉嫌在沖繩島強姦一名日本婦女的兩名美國軍人,這一事件更加劇了沖繩美國駐軍引發的緊張氣氛。

  •   Tokyo summoned U.S. Ambassador John Roos and lodged an official protestabout the incident, which was said to have happened early Tuesday on Okinawa's main island.
  • 日本政府召見美國駐日大使羅斯,就這一事件提出正式抗議;據稱這一事件星期二淩晨發生在沖繩主島。

  •   After meeting with senior Japanese diplomats, Ambassador Roos said Washingtonis "extremely concerned" about the incident and will give "full, completeand unequivocal" support to the investigation.
  • 羅斯大使與日本高層外交官會晤後表示,華盛頓對這一事件極為關切,並將為有關調查提供 “全面、徹底、明確” 的支持。


  • (2012-10-17)------

  • Blast at Afghan Base Injures 10
  • 阿富汗軍事基地遇襲 10 人受傷
  •   A suicide bomber has blown up his vehicle near a NATO-Afghan army base ineastern Afghanistan, injuring at least 10 Afghan soldiers.
  • 在阿富汗東部,一名自殺爆炸手在一個北約和阿富汗軍隊基地引爆了他的汽車,造成至少 10 名阿富汗軍人受傷。

  •   Paktiya provincial officials said the explosion was large, but did not kill anyone.
  • 阿富汗帕克蒂亞省的官員說,這次爆炸非常猛烈,但沒有造成人員死亡。

  •   It detonated at the gate of the base, shattering windows and damaging buildings.
  • 爆炸發生在基地門口,炸毀了窗戶,並對建築造成損壞。

  •   The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack.
  • 塔利班宣稱對這起襲擊負責。

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