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十月份 第 12 課

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  • (2008-10-16)------

  • New Economic Data Worries Investors
  • 美公佈新經濟數據投資者擔憂
  •   A series of new reports on the U.S. economy has investors concerned a global economic slowdown could turn into a recession.
  • 有關美國經濟的一系列新報告使得投資者擔心全球經濟發展速度減緩可能演變為衰退。

  •   The major U.S. stock indexes turned sharply lower in midday trading Thursday, after U.S. government reports showed industrial output in September fell almost three percent (two-point-eight percent), the biggest decline in 34 years.
  • 美國政府報告顯示, 9 月份工業產值降低將近 3 %,這是 34 年來的最大降幅,隨後美國主要股市指數在星期四午間交易時急劇下挫。

  •   Stocks later posted some gains during volatile trading.
  • 股票交易起伏不定,後來股市呈現漲勢。

  •   Another report said economic activity in the eastern U.S. plunged in October, raising new fears that efforts to help troubled financial institutions will not stop the economy from entering a recession.
  • 另一份報告說,美國東部地區10月的經濟活動大幅下滑,使得人們再度擔心幫助陷於困境的金融機構的努力不能遏制經濟出現衰退。

  •   A recession is often defined as a six-month period when the economy shrinks (two consecutive quarters of negative growth).
  • 通常對衰退的定義是連續兩個季度出現經濟負增長。

  •   U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said in a television interview that he is not proud of the mistakes that led to the financial turmoil, such as regulatory and market discipline failures.
  • 美國財政部長保爾森在接受電視台採訪時說,監管和市場紀律失效等導致金融動盪的錯誤不會讓他感到驕傲。

  •   But he stressed that he has no regrets about the steps the government has taken to address the crisis.
  • 但他強調說,他對政府採取的應對危機措施並不後悔。


  • (2008-10-16)------

  • McCain, Obama Visit Key States After Final Debate
  • 麥凱恩歐巴馬最後辯論後訪問關鍵州
  •   Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama are campaigning Thursday in key states.
  • 美國共和黨總統候選人麥凱恩和民主黨候選人歐巴馬星期四在重要的州進行競選活動。

  •   One day after their final debate and less than three weeks before U.S. voters elect a new president.
  • 一天前,他們進行了最後一場辯論,而現在離美國選民選舉新總統只有不到 3 個星期。

  •   Two polls after the debate found that most people who watched the debate on television thought Obama won the face-off.
  • 辯論後的兩次民調顯示,通過電視觀看辯論的多數人認為歐巴馬佔上風。

  •   One poll says Obama won 58 percent to 31 percent. Another poll says Obama won 53 percent to 22 percent.
  • 其中一次民調顯示,歐巴馬以 58 % 對 31 % 獲勝,另一次民調顯示歐巴馬以 53 % 對 22 % 獲勝。

  •   During the debate, Senator McCain tried to deflect Obama's attempts to link him to the Bush administration's economic policies.
  • 在辯論中,麥凱恩反駁歐巴馬試圖把他本人與布希政府的經濟政策聯繫在一起的做法。

  •   The Republican senator from Arizona said "I am not President Bush."
  • 這位來自亞利桑那州的參議員說:「我不是布希總統」。

  •   Senator Obama of Illinois said the biggest risk the country could take is to adopt the same failed policies of the last eight years and somehow expect a different result.
  • 來自伊利諾伊州的民主黨參議員歐巴馬說,美國可能面臨的最大危險就是承襲過去 8 年失敗的政策,然而卻指望得到不同的結果。

  •   The latest polls show the economic crisis has helped Obama make significant gains in the race, both nationally and in competitive states.
  • 最近的民調顯示,無論是在全國、還是在選情緊張的州,經濟危機都幫助歐巴馬在競選中取得重大收穫。


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