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三月份 第 20 課

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  • (2007-03-28) ------

  • Taiwan Unveils Upgraded Home-Made Fighter Jet
  • 台灣推出改進型國產戰鬥機
  •   Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian has unveiled an upgraded version of a domestically-produced fighter jet that he says will improve the island's air defenses.
  • 台灣總統陳水扁為國產噴氣式戰鬥機的升級換代產品揭幕.他說這種戰機將改善台灣的空防能力。

  •   The twin-seater jet, named "Hsiung Yin", or "Brave Eagle", was rolled out Tuesday at an air base in central Taiwan.
  • 這種名為「雄鷹」的雙座噴氣飛機星期二在台中的一個空軍基地亮相。

  •   Taiwan authorities say the new fighter jet has upgraded computer and radar systems. The warplanes are due to begin service in Taiwan's air force in 2010.
  • 台灣當局說,新戰機使用更先進的電腦和雷達系統.新戰機將於 2010 年在空軍服役。

  •   Taiwan began work on upgrading its home-made fighter jets in 1999.
  • 台灣於 1999 年開始投入國產噴氣式戰鬥機的更新改造。

  •   The project has cost the government 210-million dollars so far.
  • 這項計劃到目前已經耗費政府資金 2 億 1 千萬美元。


  • (2007-03-28) ------

  • Koreas Hold Family Reunions Via Video Link
  • 南北韓通過視頻聯線進行家庭團聚
  •   Hundreds of North and South Koreans held emotional family reunions through video links Tuesday as part of renewed reconciliation efforts between the two countries.
  • 數百名南北韓人星期二通過視頻聯線心情激動地和親人團聚.這是南北韓和解的最新努力。

  •   South Korea's oldest participant, who is 102-year-old , met his North Korean son for the first time in decades.
  • 參加團聚的人當中最年長的 102 歲韓國老人幾十年來第一次看到了生活在北韓的兒子。

  •   Millions of families were separated by the division of the Korean peninsula in 1945.
  • 1945 年朝鮮半島分裂造成數百萬家庭離散。

  •   Three days of video reunions are being held for 865 people from 120 families.
  • 三天的視頻團聚活動中,有 120 個家庭的 865 人將通過視頻得以見面。

  •   The two Koreas plan to resume face-to-face reunions in May at North Korea's Mount Kumgang.
  • 南北韓計劃 5 月在北韓金剛山恢復離散家庭面對面團聚。

  •   North and South Korea resumed talks and exchanges this month after Pyongyang agreed in February to go forward with a nuclear deal.
  • 北韓今年 2 月同意了一項有關核問題的協議,此後南北韓本月恢復了會談和交流。


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