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三月份 第 20 課

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  • (2010-03-26) ------

  • Economist: China Could Resume Currency 'Float' on World Markets
  • 經濟學家:中國或恢復人民幣國際市場浮動
  •   An influential Chinese economist who works with the country's central bank says Beijing can adopt a more flexible exchange-rate policy once the global economic slowdown eases.
  • 中國中央銀行一名有影響力的經濟學家說,一旦全球經濟滑坡出現緩解,北京就能採取更加靈活的匯率政策。

  •   However, People's Bank of China adviser Fan Gang writes in the China Daily that any adjustment to the value of the yuan must not damage China's crucial export trade.
  • 但是中國人民銀行顧問樊綱在英文中國日報上撰文說,人民幣幣值的任何調整決不能損害中國關鍵的出口貿易。

  •   Some U.S. officials say Beijing has kept the value of the yuan artifically low to benefit Chinese manufacturers, by making Chinese goods less expensive on international markets.
  • 一些美國官員說,北京人為壓低人民幣匯率,使中國產品在國際市場上價格便宜,讓中國製造商獲利。

  •   Many of China's competitors around the world see this as an unfair trade advantage for the country's producers.
  • 全球很多中國的競爭對手認為這種匯率政策是給中國生產商不公平的貿易優勢。

  •   In his newspaper article Friday, Fan notes that China also has pressing domestic economic considerations, such as the need to create jobs.
  • 樊綱在星期五發表的文章中說,中國現在有迫切需要考慮的國內問題,如創造就業等。


  • (2010-03-26) ------

  • US Economy Grows a Bit Slower Than First Thought
  • 美國經濟比預期增長緩慢
  •   The U.S. economy grew strongly in the last three months of 2009, but new figures show the expansion was a bit slower than first thought.
  • 美國經濟 2009 年最後三個月增長強勁。但是新的數據顯示,增長速度稍微低於預期。

  •   Friday's report from the Commerce Department says the gross domestic product grew at a 5.6 percent annual pace in October, November and December of last year.
  • 美國商務部星期五的報告說,去年 10 月、11 月和 12 月國內生產總值以年速率 5.6 % 速度增長。

  •   That is three-tenths of a percent slower than initial estimates, but still the fastest rate in about six years.
  • 這一速度比最初的預期慢了 0.3 %,但仍然是六年來增速最快的。

  •   Experts made this routine revision of the growth figures as more complete information became available.
  • 隨著資訊越來越完備,專家對增長數據進行例行修正。

  •   The latest studies show less business investment and consumer spending than expected.
  • 最新的研究表明,商業投資和消費支出要少於預期。

  •   Economists interviewed by news organizations say U.S. economic growth has probably slowed down in the first few months of 2010.
  • 接受媒體採訪的經濟學家說,美國經濟增長在 2010 年最初幾個月也許會放緩。


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