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十月份 第 14 課

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  • (2008-10-20)------

  • Bernanke Endorses Another Stimulus Effort
  • 伯南克支援刺激經濟的又一努力
  •   The head of the U.S. central bank says raising government spending again to stimulate the economy would be a good idea now.
  • 美國中央銀行行長伯南克說,現在通過再度增加政府開支來刺激經濟將是一個好辦法。

  •   Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told the a key Congressional committee that the U.S. economy faces a possibly "protracted" slowdown, and "targeted" measures could ease the impact.
  • 美聯儲主席伯南克對一個重要的國會委員會說,美國經濟可能面對持久的減緩,而有針對性的措施會減輕這一影響。

  •   In today's (Monday's) testimony, he suggested these measures be crafted in ways to get the credit market moving again, but did not specify how.
  • 伯南克星期一作證時,建議為重新推動信貸市場而制定這些措施,但他沒有說明具體做法。

  •   Severe problems in the U.S housing market and a stalled credit market sparked the recent global financial crisis.
  • 美國房市的嚴重問題和停滯的信貸市場引發了最近的全球金融危機。

  •   Asian, European, and U.S. stock markets moved higher in today's (Monday's) trading with investors and lenders apparently encouraged by the stimulus idea and other efforts to bolster the battered financial system.
  • 亞洲、歐洲和美國的股市星期一走高,看來投資者和借貸者受到了這一刺激方案以及支援陷於困境的世界金融體系的其他努力的鼓舞。

  •   A key measure of banks' willingness to lend to each other, businesses, and consumers, showed the tight credit market is easing.
  • 銀行願意相互拆借,並願向企業和客戶貸款,這是顯示緊縮的信貸市場開始鬆動的重要跡象。

  •   The stalled credit market had slowed business and raised fears the economy could shrink.
  • 停滯的信貸市場使商業活動減緩,並使人們擔心經濟可能出現衰退。


  • (2008-10-20)------

  • Global Financial Crisis Slows China's Economic Growth
  • 全球危機減緩中國經濟增長
  •   China says its economic growth for the third quarter of this year has slipped to its slowest pace in five years.
  • 中國說,今年第三季度中國經濟增長速度降至 5 年來的最低點。

  •   Figures released today (Monday) by China's National Statistics Bureau show the country's economy expanding at nine percent, down a full percentage point from the second quarter.
  • 中國國家統計局今天 (星期一) 發佈的數據顯示,中國經濟增長 9 %,比第二季度低一個百分點。

  •   A spokesman for the bureau says the global financial crisis is largely to blame as exports account for a significant portion of China's economic growth.
  • 國家統計局發言人說,由於出口在中國經濟發展中份量很重,因此,問題在很大程度上要歸咎於世界金融危機。

  •   China's economic expansion in the third quarter was its weakest since the SARS epidemic in 2003.
  • 自從 2003 年爆發 SARS疫情以來,中國今年第三季度的經濟增長率降至最低點。

  •   Last year, China's economy grew by 12 percent, but so far this year it is averaging less than 10 percent.
  • 中國去年經濟增長 12 %,但今年迄今為止平均經濟增長率不到百分之 10。

  •   If the pace continues, officials say China could see its annual economic growth slip to single digit numbers for the first time in years.
  • 有關官員說,如果這個速度持續不變的話,中國的年經濟增長率將在幾年來首次達不到百分之 10。


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