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十月份 第 18 課

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  • (2009-10-26)------

  • 14 Americans Killed in Helicopter Crashes in Afghanistan
  • 美軍直升機阿富汗墜毀 14 人死
  •   Two helicopter crashes in Afghanistan have killed 14 U.S. troops and civilians in one of the deadliest days for U.S. forces since the 2001 invasion.
  • 阿富汗星期一發生兩起直升機墜毀事件,造成 14 名美軍和平民死亡。這對美軍來說是自 2001 年進入阿富汗以來傷亡慘重的一天。

  •   NATO says seven U.S. troops and three U.S. civilians were killed Monday when their helicopter crashed in western Afghanistan.
  • 北約說,7 名美軍和 3 名美國人喪生於星期一發生在阿富汗西部地區的墜機事件。

  •   The international force says the helicopter went down after a fight with insurgents suspected of drug trafficking.
  • 國際部隊表示,直升機在與疑似從事毒品走私的反叛分子發生衝突後墜毀。

  •   NATO says 12 suspected enemy fighters were killed.
  • 北約說,12 名疑似敵方戰鬥人員也在事件中身亡。

  •   The Taliban is claiming responsibility for taking down a helicopter in western Badghis province.
  • 塔利班聲稱對西巴德吉斯省的直升機墜毀事件負責。

  •   But NATO says it does not believe the helicopter was shot down.
  • 不過,北約說,他們不相信直升機是被擊落的。

  •   In a separate incident in southern Afghanistan Monday, two helicopters collided in flight, killing four U.S. troops.
  • 在阿富汗南部星期一發生的另一起事故中,兩架直升機相撞後墜毀,造成四名美國軍人死亡。

  •   U.S. President Barack Obama is discussing Afghanistan Monday at the White House with his national security team.
  • 美國總統奧巴馬星期一將在白宮與其國家安全小組討論阿富汗相關議題。


  • (2009-10-26)------

  • Iraqi Forces Tighten Security After Bombings
  • 巴格達警方在爆炸後加強安全保衛
  •   Iraqi security forces have blocked streets in Baghdad and set up checkpoints as the investigation continues into Sunday's powerful car bombings that left at least 155 people dead.
  • 伊拉克安全部隊封鎖了巴格達的道路,並在路上設立了檢查站;與此同時,有關星期天兩枚威力強大的汽車炸彈爆炸事件的調查仍在繼續;這次爆炸造成至少 155 人死亡。

  •   Iraq's prime minister said the bombings were meant to create instability and stop the country from holding elections in January.
  • 伊拉克總理馬利基說,爆炸襲擊的目的是製造不穩定局勢,阻止伊拉克定於明年 1 月舉行大選。

  •   Nouri al Maliki's office blamed al-Qaida and members of the Baathist party for the attacks, although no one has claimed responsibility.
  • 儘管還沒有人宣稱對這次襲擊承擔責任,總理辦公室指責基地組織和復興社會黨成員發動了這次襲擊。

  •   The two near-simultaneous attacks hit near the heavily-guarded Green zone and appeared to target a provincial government building and the Ministry of Justice.
  • 重兵把守的綠區附近的這兩起炸彈爆炸幾乎同時發生,目標看來是省政府辦公樓和司法部。

  •   The blasts caused heavy damage to the government buildings, demolished nearby cars and scattered body parts across the streets.
  • 爆炸嚴重毀壞了政府大樓,炸毀了附近的汽車,街道上散落著遇難者的肢體。

  •   More than 500 people were wounded.
  • 有 500 多人受傷。

  •   Meanwhile, Iraqi security officers say a bombing killed at least three people Monday in the southern city of Karbala.
  • 與此同時,伊拉克安全官員表示,星期一在南部城市卡爾巴拉發生一起炸彈爆炸事件,造成至少 3 人死亡。


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