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十月份 第 18 課

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  • (2010-10-26)------

  • Indonesia's Most Active Volcano Erupts
  • 印尼最活躍火山噴發
  •   An erupting volcano on Indonesia's Java island has sent ash and hot air onto surrounding villages, injuring at least six people.
  • 印尼爪哇島上一座正在噴發的火山使熾熱的火山灰灑落到周圍的村莊,造成至少 6 人受傷。

  •   Scientists say Mount Merapi, Indonesia's most active volcano, began erupting late Tuesday after days of rumbling that signaled a major eruption was possible.
  • 科學家說,印尼最活躍的火山默拉皮火山星期二晚上開始噴發;此前,這座火山轟鳴了幾天,預示著可能有一場大的噴發。

  •   Journalists in the area reported seeing at least six people being taken to a hospital with burns from the ash and hot air.
  • 在該地區進行報導的記者說,看到至少 6 人因為被火山灰和熱氣燒傷而被送到一家醫院。

  •   They said villagers who ignored warnings to evacuate were fleeing in panic.
  • 他們說,無視撤離警告的村民正在驚慌逃走。

  •   A two-month-old baby died as her mother fled the area.
  • 一個兩個月大的嬰兒在她母親逃出這一地區時死去。

  •   Before the eruption, Indonesian authorities evacuated several thousand children and the elderly from villages on the volcano's slopes to makeshift shelters.
  • 在火山噴發之前,印尼當局將幾千名兒童和老人從火山山坡上疏散到臨時住所。

  •   But thousands of other villagers stayed behind to take care of their livestock and crops.
  • 但還有數千名村民留在家中照看牲畜和農作物。

  •   Mount Merapi last erupted in 2006, killing two people.
  • 默拉皮火山上次噴發是在 2006 年,造成 2 人死亡。

  •   A similar eruption in 1994 killed at least 60 people, while a 1930 eruption killed 1,300.
  • 1994 年一次類似的噴發導致至少 60 人死亡,而 1930 年的噴發造成 1 千 300 人死亡。


  • (2010-10-26)------

  • Countdown Begins for U.S. Elections
  • 美國國會中期選舉開始倒計時
  •   Polls ahead of congressional and gubernatorial elections next week continue to show the Republican Party poised to make big gains.
  • 下個星期美國將進行國會中期選舉和州長選舉;選舉前的民調繼續顯示,共和黨有可能奪得很多國會議席。

  •   A public opinion poll from the Gallup research organization indicates Republicans remain in position to seize control of the House of Representatives from Democrats, who now have majorities in both the House and Senate.
  • 蓋洛普研究機構的一項民調顯示,共和黨人繼續保持優勢,將從民主黨手中奪得眾議院的控制權;目前,民主黨是參眾兩院的多數派。

  •   Republicans need to gain 10 seats to win a majority in the Senate, but most analysts believe they will fall short.
  • 共和黨則需要獲得 10 個議席才能成為參議院多數派,但是大部分分析家認為,他們得不到那麼多。

  •   Election activity has surged in the past few days with both major parties trying to motivate their supporters to vote.
  • 選舉活動在過去幾天開始升溫,兩大政黨都在試圖動員他們的支援者投票。

  •   U.S. President Barack Obama campaigned in the northeastern state of Rhode Island on Monday, while first lady Michelle Obama campaigned in the city of San Francisco with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
  • 美國總統歐巴馬星期一在東北部的羅德島州助選,第一夫人米歇爾‧歐巴馬在舊金山市跟眾議院議長佩洛西一道助選。

  •   The president will resume campaigning for Democratic candidates later in the week.
  • 這個星期晚些時候,總統還會再次為民主黨候選人助選。

  •   All 435 seats in the House of Representatives are at stake, plus 37 of the 100 U.S. Senate seats.
  • 眾議院所有 435 個席位和參議院 100 個席位中的 37 個都要重新選出。


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