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十月份 第 19 課

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  • (2012-10-29)------

  • Eastern US Braces for ”Superstorm”
  • “超級風暴” 將侵襲美國東岸地區
  •   Forecasters say conditions along the east coast of the United States will deteriorate Monday as one of the biggest storms ever to hit the mainland brings heavy rain and wind to a large section of the nation's most populated region.
  • 氣象預報說,美國東部沿海地區星期一將出現惡劣天氣,一場極其猛烈的風暴將給美國人口最密集地區的很多地方帶來狂風暴雨。

  •   Hurricane Sandy has been moving up the coast and is expected to join with two winter storm systems, creating a hybrid "superstorm" that could affect up to 60 million residents.
  • “桑迪” 颶風目前正沿大西洋海岸向北移動,預計將與另外兩個冬季風暴會合,形成一個混合型 “超級風暴”,可能有多達 6 千萬居民受到影響。

  •   It is expected to make landfall late Monday.
  • 預計這場風暴將於星期一晚間登陸。

  •   Forecasters expect the storm to bring hurricane-force winds to portions of the coast from Virginia to Massachusetts.
  • 氣象人員預計這場風暴將給從維吉尼亞州到麻薩諸塞州的沿海地區帶來颶風。

  •   The National Weather Service is predicting a "life-threatening" storm surge that could reach more than 3 meters in New York Harbor.
  • 美國國家氣象局預測,紐約港將出現可能超過三米的 “威脅生命” 的風暴巨浪。

  •   The storm has forced major cities including Washington, Philadelphia and New York to close schools and shut down their public transit systems.
  • 這場風暴使包括華盛頓、費城和紐約在內的大城市被迫關閉學校和公共交通系統。

  •   U.S. stock markets are closed Monday, and the United Nations has canceled meetings and closed its offices.
  • 美國證券市場星期一休市,聯合國取消會議並關閉了辦公室。


  • (2012-10-29)------

  • South Korean Activists Float Leaflets Into North Korea
  • 韓國活動人士用氣球向朝鮮發送傳單
  •   South Korean activists have sent tens of thousands of anti-Pyongyang leaflets across the border by balloons into North Korea, one week after warnings from Seoul and threats of retaliation from Pyongyang.
  • 韓國活動人士用氣球越境向朝鮮發送了數萬份反對平壤當局的傳單,一星期前,首爾曾對活動人士發出警告,同時平壤也曾揚言進行報復。

  •   Around a dozen activists attached 50,000 leaflets to seven balloons Monday and sent them floating over the Demilitarized Zone dividing the two countries.
  • 星期一,十多名活動人士把 5 萬份傳單裝在七個氣球上,隨後氣球飄過分隔朝鮮半島南北兩方的非軍事區。

  •   Some local residents fearing reprisal from the North scuffled with the activists.
  • 當地一些居民擔心朝鮮當局會對那些活動人士的舉動採取報復行動。

  •   The balloons were launched from the Imjingak resort in the border city of Paju, where South Korean police blocked an earlier launch attempt last Monday.
  • 這些氣球是從邊境城市坡州的京畿道旅遊地放飛的,當地的韓國警察上星期一曾經阻止了一次氣球放飛。

  •   The North's official Korean Central News Agency said before the first attempt that the Korean People's Army would conduct a "merciless strike" without warning if the leaflets were sent.
  • 朝鮮官方的朝中社在第一次嘗試放飛氣球之前說,如果傳單進入朝鮮境內,朝鮮人民軍將不經警告就進行 “無情的打擊”。

  •   However, just hours after the launch was aborted, the activists launched balloons from Ganghwa Island, west of Seoul, with no military response from the North.
  • 但第一次放飛氣球失敗的幾小時後,活動人士就從首爾以西的江華島放飛氣球,而朝鮮並未做出軍事反應。

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