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五月份 第 20 課

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  • (2013-05-28) ------

  • Chinese Hackers Steal Blueprints for New Australian Spy
  • 澳大利亞稱中國駭客竊取其新諜報總部藍圖
  •   An Australian broadcaster says Chinese hackers have stolen the blueprints of a new, state-of-the-art spy agency headquarters being built in Canberra.
  • 澳大利亞一家電台說,中國駭客竊取了正在堪培拉修建的一個先進的諜報機構總部的藍圖。

  •   The Australian Broadcasting Corporation says the theft was traced to a computer server in China.
  • 澳大利亞廣播公司說,竊取行為被追蹤到中國境內的一個電腦系統。

  •   It says the building plans show detailed information on server locations, security systems and communications cables.
  • 報導說,被竊取的建築藍圖顯示有關伺服器的地點、安全系統和通訊電纜佈局的詳細資訊。

  •   Experts say, if confirmed, the theft will make it easier for Chinese hackers to spy on the activities in the $608 million Australian Security Intelligence Organization building.
  • 專家們說,如果此報導被證實的話,這一竊取行為將使中國駭客更容易暗中監視耗資 6 億 8 百萬美元修建的澳大利亞安全情報局大樓的活動。

  •   The paper, which did not name its sources, says the information was obtained through a cyber attack on a building contractor. It did not say when the alleged attack occurred.
  • 報導沒有提及消息來源;不過報導說,有關資訊是從對大樓一個合同商的網路攻擊中獲得的;報導沒有說被指稱的攻擊發生在什麼時候。

  •   When asked about the report, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard called the story "inaccurate" and "unsubstantiated," but would not comment further.
  • 澳大利亞總理吉拉德在被問到有關報導時說,有關報導 “並不準確”,“沒有根據”,但是她不願意進一步評論。

  •   Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Hong Lei called ABC's report "groundless," insisting there is no evidence to link China to the alleged attack.
  • 中國外交部發言人洪磊稱澳大利亞廣播公司的報導 “毫無根據”,並表示沒有證據證明中國跟被指稱的攻擊有關聯。


  • (2013-05-28) ------

  • India, Iran Oil Ministers Meet
  • 伊朗和印度石油部長將舉行會晤
  •   Iran's oil minister is visiting India in an effort to revive Iran's crude oil sales to the South Asian nation.
  • 伊朗石油部長訪問印度,爭取恢復伊朗向這個南亞大國的原油出口。

  •   Iranian Oil Minister Rostam Qasemi met Monday with his Indian counterpart Veerappa Moily.
  • 伊朗石油部長羅斯塔姆‧卡塞米星期一會晤了印度石油部長韋拉帕‧莫伊利。

  •   The two discussed several possible solutions to Iran's dwindling oil sales, including Iran's offer of insurance to Indian refiners that say they cannot continue insurance coverage of plants that process Iranian crude because of U. S. and European Union sanctions on Iranian oil.
  • 雙方討論了解決伊朗石油銷售下降的問題,包括伊朗向印度煉油廠提供保險;印度煉油企業說,由於美國和歐盟對伊朗石油實行制裁,它們無法繼續為那些加工伊朗原油的廠家提供保證金。

  •   Analysts say Tehran's offer would not be a viable solution to insurance problem because Iranian insurance companies are also under sanctions.
  • 分析人士說,德黑蘭的做法不會成為解決保險問題的可行性方案,因為伊朗的保險公司也受到制裁。

  •   The Western sanctions, aimed at forcing Iran to curb its nuclear program, have greatly reduced Iran's crude oil exports, costing the country billions of dollars in revenue.
  • 西方旨在迫使伊朗取消其核項目的制裁大大減少了伊朗的原油出口,給這個國家造成嚴重的財政損失。

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