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十月份 第 20 課

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  • (2009-10-28)------

  • China Criticizes U.S. Report on Religious Freedoms
  • 中國駁斥美國務院報告批評中國壓制宗教自由
  •   The Chinese government has criticized a U.S. report on religious freedom around the world, which is critical of China.
  • 中國政府批評美國有關全世界宗教自由的報告,報告中批評了中國。

  •   Foreign ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu said the freedom of religious beliefs of all ethnic groups in China is protected by law.
  • 外交部發言人馬朝旭說,中國各民族的宗教信仰自由都是受法律保護的。

  •   Ma told journalists Wednesday that the U.S. report ignored facts and interfered in China's internal affairs.
  • 馬朝旭星期三告訴記者說,美國的報告無視事實,並且干涉中國內政。

  •   The U.S. State Department said in its annual report Monday that Beijing severely represses the religious freedom of Buddhists in Tibet and Muslims in Xinjiang.
  • 美國國務院在星期一發表的年度報告中批評北京嚴重壓制了西藏佛教徒和新疆回教徒的宗教信仰自由。

  •   It also expressed concern over allegations that China sought the forcible return of several Muslims living in other countries in retribution for their religious activism.
  • 報告還對中國據說試圖強行遣返幾名住在其他國家的回教徒表示關注,這些回教徒因宗教活動而受到報復。

  •   Ma urged the United States to stop such criticism and instead do things that benefit U.S.-China relations.
  • 馬朝旭敦促美國停止這類的批評,做一些有利於中美關係的事情。


  • (2009-10-28)------

  • Rights Groups Call On China to Halt Pipeline Construction in Burma
  • 人權組織呼籲中國停止在緬甸境內修建輸油管道
  •   More than 100 organizations from 20 countries have signed a petition urging China to halt a major pipeline project in Burma, which they say would harm local people.
  • 來自 20 個國家的 100 多個組織簽署了一項請願書,要求中國停止在緬甸境內修建一條主要的輸油管道,因為他們說這樣做會對當地人民造成傷害。

  •   The petition organized by the Shwe Gas Movement says the project will pose serious risks to the environment and to regional security.
  • 請願的組織機構瑞氣田運動說,修建輸油管道會給環境和區域安全帶來嚴重威脅。

  •   It says the project could also pose a financial risk to China and hurt its image.
  • 它還說,這個項目會給中國帶來一次金融風險,並且破壞中國的國際形象。

  •   The 980-kilometer Shwe pipeline project will run from Burma's Arkan state to China's Yunnan province.
  • 這一條長達 980 公里的天然氣管道將連通緬甸的若開邦和中國的雲南省。

  •   Critics say the project could provide Burma's military leaders with at least $29 billion over 30 years.
  • 批評人士說,這個項目將為緬甸軍政府領導人在未來 30 年內提供至少 290 億美元。


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