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十月份 第 20 課

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  • (2011-10-31)------

  • Chinese President Visits Austria Ahead of G-20 Meeting
  • 胡錦濤 20 國集團會議前訪問奧地利
  •   Chinese President Hu Jintao is in Austria for a state visit amid signs that Beijing will seek major concessions in exchange for investing in Europe's debt rescue fund.
  • 中國國家主席胡錦濤對奧地利進行國事訪問;與此同時,種種跡象顯示,北京將以投資歐洲債務救助基金來換取歐洲的重大讓步。

  •   Mr. Hu arrived in Vienna late Sunday and held a first round of talks with his Austrian counterpart, Heinz Fischer, on Monday.
  • 胡錦濤星期天晚間抵達維也納,星期一正式開始國事訪問,與奧地利總統菲舍爾舉行第一輪會談。

  •   China's official Xinhua agency said the Chinese leader would sign seven agreements on trade and other matters.
  • 新華社報導說,胡錦濤將簽署貿易等領域共七項協議。

  •   The visit comes ahead of a crucial meeting Thursday in Cannes, France, of the G-20 group of developed and emerging economic powers, where China will face pressure to invest as much as $100 billion in the European bailout fund established last week.
  • 中國國家主席胡錦濤對奧地利進行國事訪問後,星期四 20 個發達國家和新型經濟體將在法國戛納舉行峰會;屆時中國將受到壓力,在歐洲投資多達一千億美元,參加上個星期成立的歐洲救援基金。

  •   A commentary Monday in the China Daily newspaper said that in exchange, Europe should recognize China as a market economy, improving its status under international trade rules, and loosen restrictions on high-tech exports to China.
  • 《中國日報》星期一的一則評論說,做為交換,歐洲應該承認中國是市場經濟,提高其在國際貿易規則下的地位,並放寬對中國出口高科技產品的限制。


  • (2011-10-31)------

  • World Population Breaks 7 Billion Mark
  • 世界人口突破 70 億大關
  •   The United Nations says the world's population has reached the 7 billion mark.
  • 聯合國說,世界人口已經達到 70 億。

  •   A number of "seven billionth" babies are being honored around the world.
  • 世界各地都在慶祝幾名所謂的 “第 70 億個” 嬰兒的降生。

  •   The Philippines was chosen as the first country to celebrate the symbolic birth - feting a baby girl born late Sunday in Manila.
  • 菲律賓被選為第一個迎接這個象徵性誕生的國家,慶祝一名女嬰星期日晚間在馬尼拉出生。

  •   The U. N. looks at the 7 billion milestone as a sign of people living longer and of improved birth survival rates.
  • 聯合國將 70 億人口里程碑視為人類壽命延長和出生存活率提高的表現。

  •   One of the authors of a report from the U.N. Population Fund, Richard Kollodge, says many low-income countries of sub-Saharan Africa and some in Asia have seen a growth in population that is outpacing economic growth rates.
  • 聯合國人口基金會一項報告的作者之一理查德克洛澤說,許多低收入的撒哈拉以南非洲國家以及一些亞洲國家出現了人口增長超過經濟增速的局面。

  •   Asia's population of 4.2 billion makes it the world's most populous region.
  • 亞洲擁有 42 億人口,是世界上人口最多的地區。

  •   Africa's population is expected to triple to 3.6 billion people by the start of the next century.
  • 預計非洲人口到下世紀初將增至 36 億,是目前的三倍。

  •   Fertility rates in many European nations and Japan have dropped below the replacement rate, causing concern that shortages of labor and productivity could threaten the quality of life.
  • 許多歐洲國家和日本的生育率已經下降到人口置換率以下,這讓人們擔心,勞動力短缺和生逕力下降將威脅生活品質。


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