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十月份 第 01 課

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  • (2012-10-02)------

  • Two S. Korean Nuclear Reactors Shut Down by Malfunctions
  • 韓國兩核反應爐因故障關閉
  •   Two South Korean nuclear power reactors have been shut down following apparently unrelated malfunctions. Officials say there is no danger of a radiation leak.
  • 韓國兩座核反應爐先後出現看來是互不關聯的故障後關閉;韓國官員說,沒有核輻射洩漏的危險。

  •   South Korean nuclear operators say the Shingori-1 reactor, near the city of Busan, was shut down early Tuesday following a control rod malfunction.
  • 韓國操作核反應爐的人員說,釜山附近的新古里一號核反應爐的控制棒出現問題,於星期二早晨關閉。

  •   A short time later, the number 5 reactor at the Yeonggwang facility, 260 kilometers south of Seoul, also suffered what officials say appears to be an unrelated malfunction.
  • 稍後,有關官員說,首爾以南 260 公里處的靈光核電廠 5 號反應爐也出現和新古里核反應爐不關聯的故障。

  •   South Korea depends on atomic plants to generate more than one-third of its electricity.
  • 韓國的核電廠提供全國所需電力的三分之一以上。

  •   The resource-poor country has vowed to push forward with nuclear power, despite last year's nuclear disaster in Japan.
  • 盡管去年日本發生了核洩漏事故,但是資源貧乏的韓國仍然大力推動核能發電。


  • (2012-10-02)------

  • US Slams “Harsh” Sentence against Cambodia Gov't Critic
  • 美對柬嚴判活動人士 “深感關註”
  •   The United States says it is "deeply concerned" at the conviction of a prominent Cambodian land rights campaigner who was sentenced to 20 years in prison on insurrection charges.
  • 美國對柬埔寨對一位知名土地維權人士定罪表示 “深感關註”;活動人士索那多被以煽動叛亂罪判處 20 年徒刑。

  •   In a statement Monday, the State Department characterized the sentence against Mam Sonando as "harsh" and called on the Cambodian government to immediately release the 71-year-old.
  • 美國國務院星期一針對索那多被嚴判發表聲明,敦促柬埔寨政府立即釋放 71 歲的索那多。

  •   A Cambodian court on Monday convicted Sonando of inciting villagers to try to form their own state following a land dispute in eastern Cambodia earlier this year.
  • 星期一柬埔寨一家法庭判定索那多有罪,指控他今年早些時候在柬埔寨東部地區發生一場土地糾紛後,煽動村民自行建國。

  •   Sonando denied the charges. His radio station, known as Beehive Radio, sometimes broadcasts material critical of Prime Minister Hun Sen, who has ruled Cambodia since 1985.
  • 索那多否認犯有被指控的罪行;他擁有的蜂窩獨立廣播電台有時播出批評 1985 年以來一直在柬埔寨執政的洪森總理的消息。

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