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六月份 第 03 課

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  • (2013-06-04) ------

  • China Marks 24th Anniversary of Tiananmen Crackdown
  • 中國民眾紀念六四事件 24 週年
  •   China is marking the 24th anniversary Tiananmen Square crackdown, amid tight security in Beijing and stifling censorship on the web.
  • 在中國民眾紀念六四鎮壓 24 週年之際,北京戒備森嚴,並對網際網路進行嚴厲的新聞檢查。

  •   Authorities every year work hard to prevent memorials and ban public discussion of the brutal military suppression on June 4, 1989, which ended weeks of pro-democracy demonstrations.
  • 中國當局每年都竭力防止民眾舉行紀念六四的活動,並禁止民眾討論發生在 1989 年 6 月 4 日的殘酷軍事鎮壓;持續數星期的民眾示威活動在鎮壓中結束。

  •   On Friday, police in Tiananmen Square and other prominent areas stood on guard for possible protests.
  • 星期五警察部署在天安門廣場和其他重要地區,防止可能出現的抗議活動。

  •   Many activists have already been detained, placed under house arrest, or monitored closely in the lead-up to the sensitive anniversary.
  • 在敏感的六四週年到來之前,很多活動人士已被拘留、軟禁或受到嚴密監視。

  •   Government censors are also working hard to scrub China's social media of any mention of the incident.
  • 當局的新聞檢查人員盡力刪除中國社交網站上所有提及六四的資訊。

  •   On the popular, Twitter-like Sina Weibo, searches for all Tiananmen-related terms were blocked.
  • 在用戶眾多的新浪微網志上,所有與六四有關的資訊都被遮罩。

  •   Attempting to get around the restrictions, many Chinese citizens instead posted pictures of candles, or cynically referred to May 35, rather than June 4 - a search term that is also blocked.
  • 很多中國民眾試圖避開當局的限制,他們將蠟燭圖像上傳到網上,或者諷刺地稱 5 月 35 號,而不是 6 月 4 號。

  •   Others encouraged people to wear black as a symbol of mourning for the victims of the incident.
  • 還有人呼籲大家穿黑色衣服,以示對六四死難者的悼念。


  • (2013-06-04) ------

  • "Blade Runner" Appears in Court for the First Time
  • 南非 “刀鋒戰士” 首次出庭
  •   South African track star Oscar Pistorius has made his first court appearence since being granted bail in February over the killing of his girlfriend.
  • 南非田徑明星皮斯托瑞斯自 2 月殺害女友後獲准保釋以來,首次出庭。

  •   The pre-trial hearing in Pretoria Tuesday was brief, with the magistrate agreeing to postpone the proceedings until August 19. Lawyers had asked for more time to prepare for the case.
  • 星期二,在比勒陀利亞舉行了短暫的審前聽證,法官同意將庭審推遲到 8 月 19 日;律師要求更多時間來準備應訴。

  •   Pistorious is facing murder charges for shooting and killing his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, at his home in Pretoria on February 14.
  • 皮斯托瑞斯 2 月 14 日在比勒陀利亞的家中開槍打死他的女友斯廷坎普,他被控犯有謀殺罪。

  •   Pistorius, known as the "blade runner" for his carbon-fiber legs, has admiting shooting Steenkamp but insists he mistook her for an intruder.
  • 皮斯托瑞斯因裝有碳纖維義肢而被稱為 “刀鋒戰士”;他承認曾向斯汀坎普開槍,但堅稱當時他將女友誤認做闖入家中的竊賊。

  •   Pistorius became an inspirational hero to millions as the first double amputee to compete against able-bodied competitors at the London Olympics last year.
  • 在去年舉行的倫敦奧運會上,皮斯托瑞斯成為第一位參加正常人比賽的雙腿截肢的短跑選手,從而成為許多人心目中的勵志英雄。

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