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六月份 第 04 課

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  • (2007-06-06) ------

  • Chinese Officials Seek Increased Testing of Food Exports
  • 中國官員謀求增加出口食品檢驗
  •   Chinese officials say the government will take more stringent steps against tainted medicines and foods following international alarm over the quality and the safety of the country's products.
  • 中國官員說,政府將採取更加嚴厲的措施,控制藥品和食品污染.此前,國際社會對中國產品質量和安全性感到震驚。

  •   Officials say the steps will include increased testing and better inspections at food sources and ports.
  • 中國官員說,新措施將包括在食品生產地和運輸港口增加檢測,增進檢查。

  •   In the past few months, several Chinese exports have been banned or turned away by U.S. inspectors, including animal feed containing an illegal and sometimes lethal additive.
  • 最近幾個月來,幾批中國出口貨物被禁止入境或被美國檢查人員拒關,其中包括含有非法和有時可能致命添加劑的動物食品。

  •   The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has also stopped all imports of Chinese toothpaste while it tests for a poisonous chemical (diethlyene glycol) found in a shipment seized at the border and in two U.S. retail stores.
  • 美國食品和藥物管理局在檢驗一種有毒化學物 (二甘醇) 的同時,還阻止所有中國生產牙膏的進口.在美國港口查獲的一批中國進口牙膏中和在美國兩家零售店中查出牙膏中含有二甘醇。


  • (2007-06-06) ------

  • China, Burma to Cooperate on Border Lumber Trade
  • 中國緬甸在邊境採伐活動上合作
  •   China's state-run news agency says the country plans to work more with Burma to control illegal logging near their shared border.
  • 中國官方媒體說,中國計劃與緬甸進一步合作,遏阻兩國共同邊境附近的非法採伐。

  •   Xinhua reports Wednesday that a spokesman for China's State Forestry Administration acknowledges some Chinese citizens and companies engage in unauthorized forestry activities in Burma.
  • 據新華社星期三說,中國國家林業局發言人承認,一些中國公民和公司在緬甸從事未經授權的採伐活動。

  •   He says the countries have discussed how to handle the problem twice since last year.
  • 這位發言人還說,從去年起,兩國就如何處理這個問題進行了兩次磋商。

  •   He says the government in China's Yunnan province, on the Burmese border, has not approved any logging activities inside Burma or permitted timber imports from the country since March 2006.
  • 他說,自從 2006 年 3 月以來,與緬甸接壤的中國雲南省政府沒有同意緬甸境內的任何採伐活動,或批准來自緬甸的木材進口。

  •   The spokesman says China has investigated 81 cases of timber smuggling from Burma since 2004.
  • 這位中國官員還說,自從 2004 年以來,中國一共調查了 81 起緬甸木材走私案件。


EPT 美語
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