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六月份 第 04 課

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  • (2012-06-05) ------

  • In Brooklyn, suspect robs 3 banks in 30 minutes
  • 紐約出現史上最牛搶劫犯:30 分鐘搶劫 3 家銀行
  •   A robber in a hurry struck at three banks along a stretch of Kings Highway in Brooklyn in a span of about 30 minutes on Friday afternoon, the police said.
  • 警方稱,上週五下午,一名搶劫犯在 30 分鐘時間內迅速襲擊了布魯克林區國王高速公路邊上的三家銀行。

  •   In the first and third robberies, tellers handed over cash to the robber, the police said, but he left empty-handed in the second encounter.
  • 警方說,在第一次和第三次搶劫中,出納員將現金交給了搶劫犯,但在第二次搶劫中該名男子空手而歸。

  •   The police do not believe that the man displayed a weapon, though they were still gathering information late Friday afternoon.
  • 儘管週五傍晚警方仍在收集資料,但警方認為該名男子不曾出示過武器。

  •   The mini-crime wave began at around 2:15 pm, when the robber entered a branch of the Apple Bank at 1321 Kings Highway. He handed a teller a note, was given some money and left, the police said.
  • 警方說,這一連串小規模犯罪大約始於下午 2 點 15 分,當時搶劫犯進入國王高速公路 1321 號的蘋果銀行分行,他遞給出納員一個字條,拿到了一些錢就走了。

  •   About 15 minutes later, the man walked into a Capital One branch at 1226 Kings Highway, the police said, and handed over a note, but did not get any cash.
  • 大約 15 分鐘後,這名男子走進國王高速公路 1226 號的第一資本投資銀行分行,遞上一張字條,但一分錢也沒拿到。

  •   About 2:40 pm, the suspect entered an HSBC bank branch at 1621 Kings Highway. Again, a note was handed over and he obtained some money, the police said.
  • 警方說,當天下午 2 點 40 分左右,這名嫌疑犯走進國王高速公路 1621 號的匯豐銀行分行;他再一次遞上了字條,這次他又拿到了一些錢。

  •   The police did not immediately say how much money the man had taken.
  • 警方沒有馬上透露該名男子拿走了多少錢。

  •   The robber’s spree shows “a certain amount of perseverance,” said Thomas W. McKenna, a retired first-grade detective with the New York police.
  • 紐約警署已退休的一級偵探托馬斯‧麥肯納說,這名搶劫犯的瘋狂行為顯示出 "一定程度的鍥而不捨"。

  •   "It’s very unusual for a guy to do three banks in a row, that close together, and to stay in the same area."
  • "一個人一連搶劫了三家銀行,而且這三家銀行又離得那麼近,這個人還敢待在同一個區域,這是很不尋常的。"

  •   Mr. McKenna added: “He’s looking for a score, there’s no doubt about that. And he’s nonsectarian about which bank he goes to.
  • 麥肯納補充說:"毫無疑問,他想創造一個紀錄;他並不在意自己搶的是哪家銀行。"

  •   "Any bank is open play for him."
  • "任何銀行對他而言都是掌中之物。"

  •   The robber was described as Hispanic, about 5-foot-7, and 150 pounds. He wore black pants, a red shirt and a red baseball hat.
  • 據描述,這名搶劫犯是西班牙裔人,身高約 5 英呎 7 英吋,體重約 150 磅;他身穿黑色褲子和紅色襯衫,頭戴一頂紅色棒球帽。

  •   Bill Giannopoulos, owner of Madison Florist and Decorators, across Kings Highway from the Apple Bank branch, said he did not realize anything was happening until the street was swarming with police officers and a helicopter was circling overhead.
  • 位於國王高速公路上蘋果銀行分行對面的麥迪遜鮮花和裝飾用品店的老板比爾‧吉安諾普洛斯說,直到街道上到處都是警察,直升機在頭頂盤旋,他才意識到有事情發生了。

  •   "It’s scary," he said. "I don’t know what’s happening in the neighborhood."
  • 他說:"這真可怕,我居然沒察覺到街坊裏發生的事情。"


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