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六月份 第 04 課

  • 歷史上的今天------>
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  • (2008-06-05) ------

  • Obama, Clinton Meet to Unify Democratic Party
  • 歐巴馬和克林頓會晤以整合民主黨
  •   The presumed U.S. Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama held a private meeting with rival Hillary Clinton Thursday night, as the two seek to unify the party after their long and bruising nominating contest.
  • 預料會獲得美國民主黨總統候選人提名的巴拉克.歐巴馬與競選對手希拉花蕊.克林頓私下會晤。在為獲得提名進行了長時間和傷害性的競爭之後,兩人努力爭取讓民主黨團結起來。

  •   After successfully eluding the media, the two met in Washington at the home of a Senate colleague.
  • 在成功躲避媒體後,兩人在華盛頓一名參議員的家中會晤。

  •   Their campaigns issued a joint public statement saying Obama and Clinton had a "productive discussion" about the November general election, but revealed no details.
  • 雙方競選團隊發表聯合聲明說,歐巴馬和克林頓就十一月份的大選問題進行了「富有成效的討論」,但沒有透露細節。

  •   Clinton supporters have launched an effort to convince Obama to select her as his vice presidential running mate.
  • 克林頓的支援者們努力設法說服歐巴馬選擇這位紐約州參議員作為副總統競選夥伴。

  •   But her campaign says she is not seeking the position, saying the choice is Obama's alone to make.
  • 但是,克林頓競選團隊發表聲明,否認克林頓尋求擔任競選夥伴,並說這只能由歐巴馬來決定。

  •   The former first lady will officially suspend her bid for the Democratic nomination and support Obama in a public event in Washington on Saturday.
  • 這位前第一夫人預計星期六在華盛頓一個公眾集會上正式停止她爭奪民主黨總統候選人提名的競爭,並表示支援歐巴馬。


  • (2008-06-05) ------

  • US Bill on Climate Change is Blocked in Senate
  • 美國氣候變化議案被參議院封殺
  •   U.S. lawmakers today (Friday) blocked a sweeping climate change bill in the Senate after a bitter debate over its cost and impact on fuel prices.
  • 美國參議院議員今天 (星期五) 封殺了一項大規模氣候變化議案.此前,議員們對法案的花費及其對燃料價格產生的影響進行了激烈的辯論。

  •   The bill received only 48 of the 60 votes needed to bring it for a final debate in the Senate.
  • 此議案只獲得進入參議院最終辯論所需的 60 票中的 48 票。

  •   The measure calls for mandatory limits on the amount of greenhouse gases that U.S. power plants, refineries and factories can release. The bill would cut gas emissions by two-thirds by the year 2050.
  • 議案要求對美國的發電廠、煉油廠和其他工廠的溫室氣體排放量進行強制限制,到 2050 年,把溫室氣體排放減少三分之二。

  •   Supporters of the measure argued it would create millions of new jobs and new technology to make the United States more energy independent.
  • 議案的支援者說,議案可以創造數以百萬計的工作機會;新的技術可以讓美國在能源方面更加獨立。

  •   But opponents, including U.S. President George Bush, said the measure would bring six-trillion dollars in new costs to the economy and put U.S. businesses at a disadvantage with foreign competitors.
  • 但是包括美國總統布希在內的反對者說,議案會給美國經濟付出 6 萬億美元的代價,使美國企業在與外國競爭者競爭中處於不利的地位。


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