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十二月份 第 15 課

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  • (2007-12-21)------

  • Thieves in Brazil Steal Picasso Oil Painting
  • 竊賊在巴西盜取畢卡索油畫
  •   Brazilian authorities say thieves have stolen an oil painting from Pablo Picasso's blue period and a painting by a well-known Brazilian artist.
  • 巴西當局說,竊賊盜走了畢卡索藍色時期的一幅油畫和巴西一位知名畫家的作品。

  •   Police say the thieves broke into the Art Museum of Sao Paulo Thursday and stole Picasso's 1904 "Portrait of Suzanne Bloch" and Brazilian painter Candido Portinari's 1939 "The Coffee Worker."
  • 警方說,盜賊星期四潛入聖保羅市藝術館,盜走了畢卡索在 1904 年所作的名畫《蘇珊布洛克肖像》以及巴西畫家坎迪多.波提納里 1939 年所作的《咖啡工人》。

  •   They say security cameras captured the theft of the paintings, which were in separate rooms.
  • 警方說,這兩幅畫陳列在兩個不同的展室內,藝術館的安全攝像機拍攝了盜賊偷畫的過程。

  •   The robbers smashed glass doors and finished the burglary in three minutes, and were able to avoid the museum's guards.
  • 盜賊打碎了玻璃門,在三分鐘之內完成了偷竊的過程,並且逃避了藝術館的警衛人員。

  •   The paintings were the museum's most valued assets, with the Picasso valued at 50-million dollars and the Portinari at at least five-million.
  • 這兩幅畫是聖保羅市藝術館最有價值的展品.畢卡索的那幅畫價值五千萬美元,另外一幅畫至少值五百萬美元。

  •   Thieves attempted a robbery at the museum in October but were spotted and fled.
  • 竊賊今年十月曾試圖到藝術館行竊,但在被發現後逃走。

  • (2007-12-21)------

  • Japanese PM Losing Support in New Opinion Poll
  • 新民意調查發現日本首相福田康夫支持率下跌
  •   A new opinon poll in Japan shows that approval ratings for the government of Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda have fallen to their lowest levels since he took power three months ago.
  • 一份新的民意調查顯示,日本首相福田康夫政府的支持率跌至他上台 3 個月以來的最低點。

  •   The "Asahi Shimbun" newspaper released a survey Friday showing support for Mr. Fukada's government has fallen to 31-percent, a decline of 13 points since the last survey conducted on December first and second.
  • 日本朝日新聞星期五公佈的調查結果顯示,福田康夫政府的支持率下跌到 31 %,比上次在 12 月 1 日和 2 日的民調所顯示的支持率下跌了 13 個百分點。

  •   The cabinet's disapproval ratings have surged from 36-percent to 48-percent over that time.
  • 相反地,福田康夫內閣的民眾不支持率卻從上次的 36 % 飆升到目前的 48 %。

  •   The newspaper says the plummeting approval ratings follow the government's announcement that it might not be able to identify the rightful owners for many of Japan's 50-million mystery pension accounts.
  • 朝日新聞說,在這次民意調查之前,福田康夫內閣宣佈,政府可能無法確認 5000 萬個神秘的養老金帳戶中許多帳戶的真正擁有人。

  •   The survey also found that 38-percent of those asked would likely vote for the opposition Democratic Party of Japan, with just 23-percent voting for the ruling Liberal Democratic Party.
  • 民調還顯示, 38 % 的受訪者願意投票支持在野的日本民主黨,而只有 23 % 的受訪者表示會投票支持執政的自民黨。

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