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十二月份 第 15 課

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  • (2010-12-21)------

  • Severe Winter Weather Cripples Europe Holiday Travel
  • 嚴冬天氣干擾北歐的假日旅行
  •   Airports across northern Europe canceled flights while train travelers waited for hours to board as snow and ice snarled holiday travel and shopping on Tuesday from Britain to Germany and France.
  • 從英國到德國和法國,冰雪天氣星期二繼續影響人們的假日旅行和購物;歐洲北部地區的機場取消航班,與此同時坐火車旅行的人則需要等候數小時之久才能坐上車。

  •   Severe weather conditions caused "significant disruption" to British Airways flights.
  • 惡劣的天氣給英國航空公司的航班造成 “嚴重的干擾”。

  •   The company on Tuesday asked customers not to travel to the airport unless their flights were confirmed as taking off.
  • 該公司星期二要求顧客在他們的航班被確認能夠起飛前不要到機場去。

  •   Fresh snowfall forced officials at Germany's Frankfurt airport to suspend flights for several hours Tuesday, causing backups at the country's largest hub for air travel.
  • 新的降雪迫使德國法蘭克福機場的官員星期二暫停了幾個小時的航班,導致德國這個最大的航空樞紐出現旅客滯留的現象。

  •   In Paris, aviation officials are trying to clear a backlog of flights.
  • 在巴黎,航空官員試圖解決航班積壓的問題。

  •   The French news agency says 3,000 people slept in terminals at Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport, Sunday.
  • 法新社說,星期日有 3 千人睡在巴黎戴高樂機場的候機室。

  •   Retailers are fearing a slump in sales in what is normally one of the busiest shopping periods of the year, as shoppers found it harder to reach outlets.
  • 零售商擔心,由於購物的人很難到店裏去買東西,他們在這個一般來說是一年裏最繁忙的購物期間的銷售會下降。

  •   Forecasters have predicted abnormally bad weather through the week, as Europe endures its snowiest, coldest weather in decades.
  • 氣象專家預測,異常惡劣的天氣將持續整個一星期,同時歐洲大陸正在經歷幾十年來降雪量最多、氣溫最低的冬季。


  • (2010-12-21)------

  • Iraqi Parliament Approves New Government
  • 伊拉克議會批准新政府
  •   The Iraqi parliament has unanimously approved a new government, with incumbent Nouri al-Maliki as prime minister.
  • 伊拉克議會一致批准了由現任總理馬利基領導的新政府。

  •   Parliament approved 29 of the 42 Cabinet ministers on Tuesday, nine months after inconclusive March elections that had kept the county in a political stalemate.
  • 在 3 月份舉行了沒有結果的議會選舉並使伊拉克陷入政治僵局 9 個月之後,伊拉克議會星期二批准了 42 名內閣部長人選中的 29 位。

  •   "Acting ministers" will fill the 13 remaining Cabinet posts until they are approved by parliament.
  • “代理部長” 在得到議會認可之前將出任剩下的 13 個部長職位。

  •   Mr. Maliki submitted his list of Cabinet ministers late Monday, but lawmakers postponed a vote on the list after some parliament members complained about the "acting ministers."
  • 馬利基星期一晚上遞交了他的內閣部長名單,但是在一些議員對 “代理部長” 提出了抱怨之後,議會推遲了對這個名單的表決。

  •   Mr. Maliki is to serve as acting minister for the posts of interior, defense and national security until nominees are designated.
  • 馬利基本人將代理內政、國防以及國家安全部部長的職位,直到指派了這些部長的人選。

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