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十月份 第 03 課

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  • (2012-10-04)------

  • Report: White House Mulling Possible Drone Strikes in North Africa
  • 媒體報導:白宮考慮無人機打擊北非基地組織
  •   The White House has declined to confirm or deny a report that says it is considering whether to carry out drone strikes against al-Qaida's branch in North Africa.
  • 美國白宮拒絕證實或否認媒體報導的美國正在考慮使用無人飛機打擊基地組織在北非的分部。

  •   The Washington Post reported Tuesday the White House has held secret meetings to consider unilateral action against al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb, or AQIM.
  • 華盛頓郵報星期二報導,白宮已經召開秘密會議,考慮單方面襲擊伊斯蘭馬格里布基地組織。

  •   The group has become increasingly entrenched in North Africa, especially in northern Mali, which fell earlier this year to Islamist militants allied with al-Qaida.
  • 這個組織不斷鞏固了在北非尤其是在馬里北部的勢力;今年早些時候,馬里北部被與基地組織結盟的伊斯蘭激進份子控制。

  •   National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor did not comment on specifics in the article.
  • 美國國家安全委員會發言人威爾多沒有對報導中的細節發表評論。

  •   In a statement, he said "the president has been clear about his goal to destroy al-Qaida's network and we work toward that goal every day," Vietor said.
  • 他在一份聲明中說,“總統已表明消滅基地組織網絡的目標,我們每天都在朝這個目標努力。”

  •   He added, "We aren't going to get into the specifics of any of these discussions or policy prescriptions."
  • 威爾多補充說,“我們不會公開有關討論和政策的細節。”

  •   The Post quotes a top U.S. counterterrorism official as saying the talks are focused on helping regional militaries battle al-Qaida.
  • 華盛頓郵導引用美國一位高級反恐官員的話說,有關會議著重討論如何幫助該地區國家的軍隊打擊基地組織。

  •   But the official, who is reportedly involved in the talks, added they are also looking at possible direct U.S. intervention if the terror group goes unchecked.
  • 但是這位據信參與了討論的官員又說,官員們也在探討在基地組織得不到遏制的情況下美國直接干預的可能性。

  •   Pentagon spokesman George Little says the situation is being monitored and the United States is ready to help states in the region.
  • 五角大廈發言人利特爾說,美國正在注視有關局勢,並準備好向該地區的政府提供幫助。

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