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八月份 第 06 課

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  • (2013-08-08)------

  • Japan Summons China Envoy over Island Dispute
  • 日本就島嶼爭端召見中國臨時代辦
  •   Japan has summoned a China envoy to protest an unusually long visit by Chinese government ships near disputed waters in the East China Sea.
  • 日本召見中國臨時代辦,抗議中國政府船隻在有爭議的東海水域附近做不尋常的長時間停留。

  •   Tokyo's foreign ministry says the four ships entered the Japan-controlled territory on Wednesday. It says they had still not left 24 hours later.
  • 日本外務省說,4 艘中國船隻星期三駛入日本控制的海域,並說在 24 小時後,這些船隻仍未駛離該海域。

  •   Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga says acting ambassador Han Zhiqiang has been summoned to "sharply protest" the move.
  • 日本內閣官房長官菅義偉說,已經召見中國駐日使館臨時代辦韓志強,對中國方面的這一舉動提出強烈抗議。

  •   The decades-old dispute flared up late last year, after Tokyo purchased some of the contested islands from their private Japanese landowner.
  • 持續數十年的中日領土爭端於去年激化,此前東京從私人手中購買了幾個有爭議的島嶼。

  •   Since then, Beijing has sent regular air and sea patrols near the islands, in what some say is an attempt to challenge Japan's control of the energy-rich, strategic area.
  • 自那時以來,北京經常在有爭議島嶼附近海域進行空中和海上巡邏,有關人士認為這是北京試圖挑戰日本對這一具有戰略意義的資源豐富海域的控制權。

  •   This has led to fears of an unintended military clash and has raised tensions considerably between the two countries.
  • 人們擔心這種事態可能導致非有意引發的軍事衝突,而且中日兩國間的關係已經變得非常緊張。


  • (2013-08-08)------

  • Morsi Backers Defy Egyptian Leaders, Continue Protests
  • 穆爾西支援者不顧警告繼續集會抗議
  •   Thousands of Egyptians supporting ousted President Mohamed Morsi have gathered in Cairo, praying and celebrating Eid al-Fitr at protest camps despite government warnings to vacate the sites.
  • 數千名被罷免的穆爾西總統的支援者不顧政府勒令其解散, 星期四在開羅的抗議營地聚會祈禱,慶祝開齋節。

  •   Opponents of Mr. Morsi also gathered Thursday in Cairo's Tahrir Square, a day after interim President Adly Mansour said efforts by international envoys to bridge Egypt's political divide had failed.
  • 反對穆爾西的群眾星期四也聚集在開羅的解放廣場;星期三,埃及臨時總統曼蘇爾表示,國際特使消除埃及政治分歧的努力已經失敗。

  •   Mr. Mansour blamed Mr. Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood for the failure.
  • 曼蘇爾指責被推翻總統穆爾西的穆斯林兄弟會要為斡旋失敗負責。

  •   The United States and European Union voiced their concerns, saying the political divide has created a fragile situation that could spark more bloodshed.
  • 美國和歐盟對軍方支援的埃及政府和伊斯蘭主義反對派之間沒有能夠化解埃及的政治危機表示擔憂;他們認為,這可能引起更多的流血。

  •   In a joint statement late Wednesday, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said the two sides must break a "dangerous stalemate" and implement "tangible confidence building measures."
  • 星期三傍晚,美國國務卿克里和歐盟外交政策負責人阿什頓在一份聯合聲明中說,埃及雙方必須打破危險的僵局,採取實際措施建立互信。

  •   The diplomats said Egypt's government bears a special responsibility to begin a reconciliation process.
  • 克里國務卿和阿什頓表示,埃及政府擔負著開啟和解進程的特殊職責。

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