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八月份 第 16 課

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  • (2013-08-23)------

  • China Releases Video Testimony of Ousted Politician Bo's Wife
  • 法院公佈谷開來提供證詞的錄影
  •   A Chinese court trying former Communist Party politician Bo Xilai has released video testimony of his wife in an attempt to bolster the claim that he knowingly accepted bribes.
  • 審判薄熙來的中國一家法院公佈了薄熙來妻子谷開來提供證詞的錄影,以支援對薄熙來的受賄指控。

  •   In the pre-recorded, 11-minute video, Gu Kailai said her husband was aware that a wealthy businessman had given the family gifts, including airline tickets, expensive seafood and cash.
  • 谷開來在這段事先錄製的 11 分鐘錄影中說,她的丈夫知道一名富商送給他家禮物,包括機票、價格昂貴的海鮮和現金。

  •   Bo, who is also charged with embezzlement and abuse of power, has vigorously denied the bribery allegations.
  • 薄熙來還被控貪污和濫用職權;他堅決否認自己受賄。

  •   On Thursday, the first day of the trial, he dismissed his wife's testimony as "laughable."
  • 在星期四舉行的第一天庭審中,薄熙來聲稱谷開來的證詞是可笑的。

  •   The official Xinhua news agency says Bo on Friday denied his wife's testimony by doubting her mental condition.
  • 中國官方的新華社說,薄熙來星期五否認谷開來的證詞具有真實性,理由是谷開來的精神狀態有問題。

  •   It says he claimed "she is mad and always tells lies."
  • 新華社的報導說,薄熙來聲稱谷開來 “瘋了,經常撒謊”。

  •   It is the first time Gu has been seen since she was convicted last year of killing a British businessman over a failed financial dispute, in a scandal that eventually led to Bo's dramatic downfall.
  • 自谷開來去年被判因財務糾紛殺害一名英國商人的罪名成立以來,這是她第一次出現在公眾視野;這起醜聞最終導致薄熙來戲劇性地垮台。

  •   VOA Mandarin Service's Fred Wang, who is watching the trial from a media center near the court in the eastern city of Jinan, says the prosecution is trying to use Gu's testimony to weaken Bo's case that he was not aware of her dealings.
  • 美國之音中文部記者在靠近濟南東方法院的一個新聞中心關注庭審過程。他說,檢方試圖利用谷開來的證詞削弱薄熙來自稱不了解妻子所做所為的說法。


  • (2013-08-23)------

  • Muslim Brotherhood Calls for 'Martyr's Friday' in Egypt
  • 埃及穆兄會呼籲舉行 “星期五烈士” 大遊行
  •   Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood is calling for mass rallies Friday, after the military-backed government released deposed President Hosni Mubarak from prison.
  • 埃及軍方支援的政府釋放了被罷黜的前總統穆巴拉克之後,穆斯林兄弟會呼籲星期五舉行大規模集會活動。

  •   Mr. Mubarak, an ex-military commander who ruled Egypt for 29 years, was transferred Thursday to a military hospital near Cairo, where he will remain under house arrest.
  • 穆巴拉克這位前軍事指揮官統治了埃及 29 年,星期四他被轉送到開羅附近一家軍隊醫院,並在那裏受到軟禁。

  •   The 85-year-old is awaiting trial for murder in connection with the killing of hundreds of protesters during a popular uprising that forced him from power in 2011.
  • 85 歲的穆巴拉克正在等待因謀殺指控而出庭受審,這項指控和他在 2011 年被民眾起義趕下台期間數百名抗議者遭到殺害有關。

  •   He has also been charged with corruption.
  • 他(穆巴拉克) 還受到腐敗的指控。

  •   An Egyptian court ordered Mr. Mubarak's release this week, ruling his pre-verdict detention had exceeded legal limits.
  • 埃及一家法院本週決定釋放穆巴拉克,認定此前對他拘禁的裁定超出了法律限制。

  •   The ruling has angered the Muslim Brotherhood, whose democratically elected leader, Mohamed Morsi, was forced from power by the military last month and remains in prison.
  • 這項裁決激怒了穆斯林兄弟會,他們的代表、通過民選產生的領導人穆爾西上個月被軍方趕下台,目前仍被關在獄中。

  •   The Brotherhood and the so-called "Anti-Coup Alliance" have called for a "Martyr's Friday" of mass demonstrations against the military, raising fears of fresh violence.
  • 穆兄會和所謂的 “反政變聯盟” 已經發出呼籲,號召進行抗議軍方的 “星期五烈士” 大型示威活動,引發人們對可能出現更多暴力事件的擔憂。

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