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八月份 第 13 課

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  • (2013-08-20)------

  • Egyptian Authorities Arrest Muslim Brotherhood Leader
  • 埃及當局逮捕穆兄會領袖
  •   Egyptian authorities have arrested Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Mohammed Badie, escalating a crackdown on the group following the military's ouster of president Mohamed Morsi.
  • 埃及當局逮捕了穆斯林兄弟會精神領袖穆罕默德‧巴迪,埃及軍方推翻總統穆爾西後,對穆兄會的鎮壓進一步升級。

  •   The 70-year-old Badie was taken into custody early Tuesday in a neighborhood of eastern Cairo where for weeks pro-Morsi protesters rallied against Egypt's new interim government.
  • 星期二淩晨,現年 70 歲的巴迪被拘留在開羅東部的一個街區,幾星期來,支援穆爾西的抗議者一直在那裏集會,反對埃及的新臨時政府。

  •   Badie is due to go on trial August 25 along with other Brotherhood leaders.
  • 巴迪與其他穆兄會領導人將於 8 月 25 日受審。

  •   Authorities accuse them of inciting deadly violence outside the group's headquarters in June, days before the military deposed Mr. Morsi.
  • 埃及當局指控他們 6 月在穆兄會總部外面煽動致命暴力;穆爾西在暴力發生後幾天被軍隊推翻。

  •   Since the July 3 move, the official death toll for violence across Egypt has topped 1,000 people.
  • 自 7 月 3 日穆爾西被趕下台後,埃及各地暴力不斷,官方公佈的由暴力導致的死亡人數已經超過一千人。

  •   The Muslim Brotherhood says many more people have died.
  • 穆斯林兄弟會說,死亡人數遠遠超過官方的數字。

  •   Meanwhile, Egyptian authorities may soon free former leader Hosni Mubarak, who has spent more than two years in custody following the 2011 popular revolt that drove him from power.
  • 與此同時,埃及當局可能很快就將釋放前總統穆巴拉克;2011 年,穆巴拉克在民眾起義中下台,此後被拘禁了兩年多。

  •   A court said Monday he could no longer be held on charges that he and his sons stole public money for presidential palaces.
  • 一家法院星期一說,不能繼續以涉嫌侵吞公款罪名拘押穆巴拉克。

  •   With that order, Mr. Mubarak remains in detention in connection with only one other case.
  • 在法院下達這項命令後,穆巴拉克只剩下一起罪案。

  •   The former president's lawyer said he expected Mr. Mubarak would be released by the end of the week.
  • 前總統(穆巴拉克) 的辯護律師說,預計穆巴拉克將於本週末獲釋。


  • (2013-08-20)------

  • N.Korea Offers Softened Criticism to US-SKorean Military Drill
  • 朝鮮對美韓聯合軍演的批評相對緩和
  •   North Korea has responded with softer than usual language to an annual U.S.-South Korea war exercise that began this week.
  • 朝鮮用比以往和緩的措辭對美韓兩國這個星期開始的聯合軍演做出回應。

  •   The Ulchi Freedom Guardian drill that began Monday is regularly slammed by Pyongyang officials, who consider it a preparation for invasion.
  • 美韓 “乙支自由衛士” 演習在星期一開始;這一年度聯合軍演通常會受到平壤官員的抨擊,朝鮮把它看作是準備入侵。

  •   The North's Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea on Tuesday mentioned the exercise, but did not specifically criticize it.
  • 平壤的朝鮮和平統一委員會星期二提到了這次演習,但是沒有對此做出特別的批評。

  •   The statement instead blasted South Korean President Park Geun-hye for saying last week Seoul should remain on guard and "not forget about war," despite a recent reduction in tensions.
  • 該機構的聲明抨擊了南韓總統樸槿惠上星期的言論;她說,儘管最近緊張局勢有所緩和,但首爾仍需要保持警覺,“勿忘戰爭”。

  •   Though it did not mention her by name, the statement said Ms. Park's comments "chill the atmosphere for dialogue."
  • 聲明沒有直接點樸槿惠的名字,但是表示這種言論不利於 “對話的氣氛”。

  •   It warned of "uncontrollably catastrophic consequences" if the South continues to "pursue confrontation."
  • 聲明警告說,如果南韓繼續 “尋求對抗”,將會產生 “不可控制的災難性後果”。

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