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十月份 第 12 課

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  • (2013-10-16)------

  • Deal Delayed As US Debt Deadline Looms
  • 美國債務最後期限臨近而有關協議推遲
  •   Another day has passed in Washington with no deal to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling to avoid a possible default.
  • 星期二,美國國會議員們仍未就結束政府關閉以及提高舉債上限以避免發生債務違約的提案達成協定。

  •   House Republican leaders put off a possible vote on a revised plan, after it became apparent it did not have enough support in the House and would not pass the Senate.
  • 眾議院共和黨領導人擱置了對一項修正案的表決,此前這項議案看來不能在眾議院獲得足夠的支援,而且不可能在參議院獲得通過。

  •   Democratic and Republican Senate leaders, who were waiting to see what the outcome would be in the House, then resumed negotiations on their earlier plan.
  • 參議院的民主黨及共和黨領導人等待眾議院的談判結果,然後再繼續就早些時候的一項議案進行談判。

  •   Both House and Senate proposals would fund the government and raise the debt ceiling for the short term.
  • 參眾兩院的提案將為重開政府撥款,並在短期內提高舉債上限。

  •   But the House plan would make changes in President Barack Obama's health care law.
  • 但眾議院的提案內容包括修改歐巴馬總統的醫保法案。

  •   Democrats oppose attaching health care or other issues to any spending bill.
  • 民主黨人反對將醫保法案或其他任何問題與開支議案綁在一起。

  •   In an interview with WABC television in New York, President Obama appealed to lawmakers to put politics aside and stop inflicting pain on the American people.
  • 歐巴馬總統在紐約接受 WABC 電視臺採訪時,敦促議員們拋開政治,停止傷害美國人民。

  •   Congress' failure to agree on a single bill moved the country closer to a Thursday deadline to raise the debt ceiling so the government can continue to borrow money to pay its bills.
  • 星期四是提高債務上限的最後期限;只有提高債務上限,美國政府才能繼續舉債以避免債務違約;由於國會議員們未能就有關議案達成一致立場,美國更加逼近最後期限。


  • (2013-10-16)------

  • Khmer Rouge Tribunal Begins Closing Statements
  • 紅色高棉庭審開始終結陳述
  •   Survivors of Cambodia's Khmer Rouge packed a courtroom in Phnom Penh on Wednesday to hear the start of closing statements in the trial of two of the group's senior ex-leaders.
  • 星期三,柬埔寨紅色高棉統治的倖存者擠滿金邊的一個法庭,旁聽對兩名前紅色高棉高層領導人庭審的終結陳述。

  •   Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan face charges of genocide and crimes against humanity for their part in the 1970s rule of the communist Khmer Rouge, which is blamed for the deaths of nearly two million Cambodians.
  • 農謝和喬森潘因其在上世紀 70 年代紅色高棉統治時期的所做所為而被控犯有種族滅絕罪和反人類罪;紅色高棉被指控要為將近 2 百萬柬埔寨人的死亡負責。

  •   Both men, now in their 80s, attended Wednesday's session of the U.N.-backed tribunal.
  • 農謝和喬森潘都已年過八旬,他們星期三在聯合國支援的法庭上露面。

  •   Closing statements are expected to run through the rest of October. A verdict is expected in the first half of next year.
  • 預計終結陳述將持續到 10 月底;有關方面估計宣判將在明年上半年進行。

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