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EPT 美語
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第三部 第四課: 請重複跟讀 - 於留空之間可以順暢唸完為止‧

  • When Joe went to his new job, he got off on the wrong foot.
  • 當喬伊找到了新工作後,就給了人一個壞印象....
  • On the first morning he upset his new boss by arriving at the store two hours late.
  • 第一天早上他就晚到了兩個小時才到店裡,讓他的老闆很不高興....
  • Right now, he's out looking for a job again.
  • 現在,他又重新在找工作了。
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  • I finally got a date with that new girl in class but I sure got off on the wrong foot with her:
  • 我終於和班上新來的那個女同學有約會了.可是一開始我就把事情搞砸了。...
  • I had car trouble and got to her place almost two hours late.
  • 當天我的車子出了問題,晚了兩個小時才到達接她的地方。
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  • When Sally told that silly joke about the sailor with one leg, she really put her foot in her mouth.
  • 莎莉說了一個很尷尬的笑話,她拿一個只有一條腿的水手來開玩笑....
  • She didn't know the man across the dinner table had a brother at home in a wheelchair.
  • 她可不知道坐在飯桌對面的那個人的哥哥是個殘障者,行動都得靠輪椅。
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  • I certainly put my foot in my mouth at the party last night,
  • 我昨天晚上在那個聚會上無意中說錯了話....
  • when I asked Mister Brown to say hello to his wife for me.
  • 我對布朗先生說替我向他的太太問好....
  • Somehow I'd forgotten that his wife died six months ago.
  • 不知怎麼回事的,我竟了他太太已經在半年前去世了。
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EPT 美語
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