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第三部 第20課: 請重複跟讀 - 於留空之間可以順暢唸完為止‧

  • Son, either go on to college or go out and find yourself a job. It's time to fish or cut bait!
  • 兒子呀,你要就去上大學,否則就出去給自己找個工作.是做出決定的時候啦!
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  • Mister Wilson, you asked me to hold that red convertible until you made up your mind whether to buy it.
  • 威爾遜先生,你要我把那輛紅色敞篷車先保留一下,等著你做出決定究竟買不買,...
  • Well, I've got another customer who wants it, so it's time for you to fish or cut bait.
  • 現在,另一位顧客想要那輛車,所以,我得請你做出最後的決定了。
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  • Let's not invite Joe to the party,
  • 別請喬伊來參加這次的聚會,...
  • he's such a cold fish he'll spoil it for everybody else.
  • 他這個人對人都很冷淡,他會使其他所有人都很掃興的。
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  • I'm not going to vote for that man for senator -- he's too much of a cold fish.
  • 我才不投那個參議員候選人的票,他實在是個很不友善的人,...
  • I shook hands with him once and it was like shaking hands with a dead mackerel.
  • 我有一次和他握手,那冷冰冰的樣子簡直是像和一條死魚握手一樣。
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EPT 美語
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