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第三部 第11課: 請重複跟讀 - 於留空之間可以順暢唸完為止‧

  • When I saw my brother Joe, I didn't pull any punches --
  • 當我見到我的哥哥喬伊的時候,我毫不保留地對他說...
  • I told him to stop drinking and go out and find a job.
  • 我告訴他不要再喝酒了,還是出去找個工作吧。
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  • I pulled no punches when I went to see the auto dealer who sold me such a lousy car.
  • 那個汽車商賣給我的這輛汽車毛病太多了.我去看他的時候毫不客氣地對他說,...
  • I told him he ought to be ashamed to charge so much for a car that had so many things wrong with it.
  • 我告訴他說:賣這麼爛的車給我還收我那麼多的錢,你自己應該感到害臊....
  • No, he didn't give me my money back, but I sure felt better afterwards.
  • 雖然他並沒有把錢還給我,可是,說了這些話我感到痛快多了。
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  • I tell you I know for certain that Lisa will be promoted to manager.
  • 我告訴你,我知道莉莎肯定會被提升為經理的....
  • The boss told me himself, so it's straight from the horse's mouth!
  • 這是老闆親口告訴我的,這個消息是絕對可靠的!
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  • Say, did you hear that Sally and Bob are going to get married.
  • 喂,你聽說了沒有,薩利和鮑勃要結婚啦....
  • Honest, I'm not joking. I heard it from Bob himself,...
  • 我可不是開玩笑,我說的是實話.我是聽鮑勃自己講的,...
  • so it's straight from the horse's mouth!
  • 因此這消息是完全可靠的!
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EPT 美語
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