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第三部 第15課: 請重複跟讀 - 於留空之間可以順暢唸完為止‧

  • My friend Joe is certainly an oddball.
  • 我的朋友喬伊真是個怪人,...
  • In the summer he puts his shoes in the refrigerator at night...
  • 在夏天,他晚上把鞋子放在冰箱裡,...
  • so his feet will be cool when he goes to work in the morning.
  • 說是第二天早上去上班去的時候,腳可以涼快一點。
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  • And another oddball is Bill, especially when it comes to food.
  • 另外一個很怪的人是比爾,特別是在吃東西方面,...
  • Can you believe it, he even puts catchup on his ice cream.
  • 你信不信,他吃冰淇淋的時候,竟然還要加蕃茄醬....
  • Talk about oddballs!
  • 真是什麼怪人都有!
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  • Okay, I'm all packed now,
  • 行了,我的行李都準備好了,...
  • except for a few odds and ends I'll put in a handbag and carry on the plane with me.
  • 只是還有一些零星小東西,我準備把它們放在手提包裡,隨身帶上飛機去。
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  • One good thing I got done at the office today was clean up my desk.
  • 今天我在辦公室裡做的一件好事是把我的桌子整理乾淨了,...
  • I'd let so many odds and ends pile up that you could scarcely see the desk itself.
  • 那些零零碎碎的東西越堆越多,簡直連桌面都看不見了....
  • But I got busy and took care of everything.
  • 可是,我今天把握時間,把所有的東西都整理好了。
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EPT 美語
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