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第三部 第五課: 請重複跟讀 - 於留空之間可以順暢唸完為止‧

  • Peter told his wife that this time he was really going to walk in and demand a pay raise from the boss.
  • 彼特告訴他的妻子說,這一次他真的要找老闆,要求增加工資了....
  • But when he arrived at the office, he got cold feet.
  • 可是,當他一到了辦公室就感到膽怯而不敢去做了。
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  • I really need to get my teeth fixed, but every time I start to phone the dentist,
  • 我實在該修補牙齒了.但是,每當我拿起電話想和大夫預約的時候,...
  • I think about the sound of that drill and right away I get cold feet.
  • 我就好像聽到那鑽牙機的聲音,馬上,我就害怕起來了。
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  • I know most of you are afraid to embarrass yourselves by trying to speak English after these first few lessons.
  • 我知道你們大多數的人會覺得:剛剛上了幾課英語就用英語來說話會很不好意思....
  • But that's the best way to learn,
  • 但是這卻是最好的學習方式,...
  • when you meet an American, try a few words -- jump in and get your feet wet.
  • 當你見到美國人的時候,你不妨試著說一點 -- 實戰、實踐才是正道。
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  • I want to get into politics so I'm volunteering to put up signs for one of the people running for mayor.
  • 我希望將來能夠到政界去工作,所以我現在在幫一個競選市長的候選人張貼宣傳標語....
  • I don't get paid for it but it's a chance to jump in and get my feet wet.
  • 我幫他做這些事是完全義務的、沒有工資的.但是這是由實踐中去得到一些經驗的好機會。
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EPT 美語
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