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第三部 第19課: 請重複跟讀 - 於留空之間可以順暢唸完為止‧

  • At the conference I was a fish out of water.
  • 參加那個會議,真叫我感到彆扭,...
  • All the speeches were in French, a language I never studied.
  • 所有的人發表講話的時候都是用我從來也沒有學過法語。
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  • Everybody else at the party ended up in the swimming pool.
  • 參加聚會的每個人最後都到游泳池去游泳了,...
  • But I was a fish out of water because I can't swim.
  • 而我覺得很彆扭,因為我不會游泳。
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  • My son, fresh out of college, keeps telling me how to run my business.
  • 我的兒子大學剛畢業,現在他不斷地告訴我應該要怎麼做生意,...
  • But I've been making good money for 30 years so he's teaching a fish how to swim.
  • 但是我三十年來生意做得很好,賺了不少錢.所以,他來告訴我怎麼做生意簡直是多餘的。
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  • The day after I got my private pilot's license, I told this man at the party all about how to fly an airplane.
  • 我在得到飛行員執照後的一天,在一次聚會上告訴一個人怎麼駕駛飛機,...
  • Later I learned he was an airline pilot who flew jumbo jets --
  • 後來,我聽說那個人是開大型噴氣機的飛行員,...
  • I'd been teaching a fish how to swim.
  • 我真的是在關公面前耍大刀。
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EPT 美語
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